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Condolence of Majzooban Noor Website for the Death of Dr. Ahmad Sadr Hajj Seyed Javadi





Among all eyes, One is less
But among all the wise, More than a thousand is less…

Dr. Ahmad Sadr Hajj Seyed Javadi, the rare man of the history of Iran’s peoples’ rights died and finally the soil embraced the tired and ailing body of this brave patriot.
His divine justice-seeking and high spirit will be shining for ever as a brilliant sun in the heaven of the liberation of this land. He was a myth and symbol of patience and resistance against tyranny . His memory will remain eternal and alive not only in the mind but also in the life of all Iran’s patriot liberals. He was released from unjust and the tyrants and his death placed all in the grief. We give condolences to his respectful family and Iran’s nation, and wish God helps his descendants be patient.

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