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Condolence of Majzooban Noor Website for the Death of Dr. Ahmad Sadr Hajj Seyed Javadi

Hou 121   Among all eyes, One is lessBut among all the wise, More than a thousand is less… Dr. Ahmad Sadr Hajj Seyed Javadi, the rare man of the history of Iran’s peoples’ rights died and finally the soil embraced the tired and ailing body of this brave patriot.His divine justice-seeking and high spirit […]

Longtime Iranian political activist, Dr. Ahmad Sadr Haj Seyed Javadi Died

  Veteran Iranian political activist Dr. Ahmad Sadr Haj Seyed Javadi (24 June 1917 – 31 March 2013), who co-founded the Freedom Movement, a nationalist-religious organization, has died at the age of 96 in Tehran on Sunday 11 Farvardin 1392 (31 March 2013)He was born into a clerical family in Qazvin on 24 June 1917. […]

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