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Mostafa Danshjou Sent to Prison Clinic due to Respiratory Attack



A few days ago, Mostafa Daneshjou, in the middle of last night, due to the respiratory attack was sent to the clinic of the prison.
Based on the report by Majzooban Noor, Mostafa Daneshjou, the Gonabadi Dervish lawyer and human rights activist, who suffers from the severe asthma and cardiac arrhythmias due to the respiratory attack at the midnight was sent to the central clinic of Evin prison and after a couple hours was sent back to the ward 8.
Mostafa Daneshjou was sent back without medical discharge from the hospital to the prison on 21 January while he was under the treatment, but since that time he has been deprived of the prescribed medicines by his specialty physicians, and also judicial authorities still have not authorized his transfer to the specialty hospital.
It should be mentioned that this rights activist of dervishes is imprisoned in one of the busiest wards of Evin, ward 8, and these inappropriate conditions can aggravate and intensify his disease, the risk of heart attack and also jeopardize his life.
The report of the forensic medicine indicates that “the mentioned dervish suffers from the severe bronchial asthma and due to the resistance of his disease to the treatment and drugs; thus, he should always have access to advanced medical centers and specialty physicians of lung and heart so that the respective doctors can have an appropriate diagnosis in order to have better supervision on the rate of activities and regulation of drugs base on pulmonary function tests, and also the mentioned patient should be strongly avoided the circumstances which can exacerbate his health conditions, such as, inappropriate spaces, enclosed spaces with inadequate ventilation, stress, exposure to environmental pollutants and allergen”.