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German Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerned about the imprisoned Dervishes’ longer than a month hunger strike

  Christoph Strässer, High Commissioner for Human Rights in German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has expressed his and his government’s concerns about the critical conditions of the Nematollahi Gonabadi Dervishes, in general, and the nine imprisoned Dervishes, in particular, who went on hunger strike more than a month ago in protest against oppression and suppression […]

The Imprisoned Dervishes Stopped Hunger Strike and Announced this in a Letter; Congratulations to Brothers Who Are our Friends and Brothers Who Are Opposed to Us on the Eid.

  According to Majzooban Noor, on the eve of Eid al-Adha (feast of the sacrifice), the imprisoned Dervishes announced the end of their hunger strike saying “We do not want to make our brothers and sisters, who are all members of one soul, to suffer even more”.    Part of their letter reads: “The security-oriented […]

Boycott on news related to Dervishes; the prisoners’ families unhappy with frequent but unfulfilled promises

  In an interview with Rooz news agency, Nematollahi Gonabadi Dervishes’ families said that, after the deadline given to officials for fulfilling their demands was over, they staged another “peace rally” in front of Tehran’s Ministry of Justice and, subsequently, visited the representative of the minister.During the rally, of which a number of videos have […]

Interception of the bus carrying female Dervishes from Beidokht to Tehran; “You are not allowed to travel to Tehran for the next five days”.

  Yesterday, on September 30, a bus carrying around 40 female Gonabadi Dervishes from Beidokht to Tehran was intercepted, and the passengers were subject to inspection and interrogation. To this point of time, they have not been allowed to continue their journey. According to Majzooban Noor, the bus was stopped at Sabzevar Police Station, and […]

A report on imprisoned Dervishes’ families’ visit with Seyyed Kazem Mousavi; We know that you dervishes are calm and peaceful.

  On Sunday 6th of Mehr 1393 ( September 28, 2014), hundreds of Gonabadi Dervishes gathered, for the third time, in front of the Ministry of Justice in pursuit of “Migration from Iran to Evin” campaign. A short while after the crowd gathered, Mr. Kazem Moosavi, representative of the minister, came into the crowd and […]

Opponents of Sufism abuse the security and media power to crackdown the Dervishes

  The increase of summons of Gonabadi Dervishes to the police and security agencies, their detention for some hours to days in info detention centers and police stations, while Dervishes on the move from their residence in other cities to Tehran to attend the gathering of this Mystical Order, and also untrue news in anti-Sufi […]

photos: A report on Gonabadi Dervishes’ protest rally in front of the Ministry of Justice on Valiasr Street, Tehran

  Gonabadi Dervishes gathered in front of the Ministry of Justice on Valiasr Street, Tehran, on Sunday (Mehr, 6, 1393; September, 28, 2014). This was the third rally staged as part of the “Migration from Iran to Evin Prison” campaign by the Dervishes in front of judicial and governmental organizations.The imprisoned Dervishes’ families also presented […]

The Deputy of Minister of Justice addressed the families of the jailed Dervishes “Give us one week time”. / Dervishes “Gathering will continue to meet demands”

  Following the gathering of Gonabadi Dervishes in front of the Ministry of Justice yesterday on 6th of Mehr 1393 ( September 28 2014), the deputy of minister of justice in an urgent meeting told the families of Gonabadi Dervishes “Give us a week to discuss your issues in a meeting with Judiciary”.According to Majzooban […]

Attacks on “Sufis” confirms Iranian Governments’ intolerance

Human Right Activists in Iran made a statement in which it has condemned the mass attacks on Sufi citizens (Daravish-e- Irani). In this statement, Human Rights Activists in Iran has accused Iranian Government of violating its commitments to Religious Freedom and Rights. The statement also expressed deep concerns about possible further conflicts. Full statement can […]

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