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Reza Entesari’s Heart Attack; Prison Officials Refuse to Send Him to Hospital

reza entesari


Reza Entesari, imprisoned Gonabadi Dervish, last Wednesday midnight, was transferred to infirmary of ward 8 of Evin prison because of an heart attack. But due to the absence of a physician in prison infirmary, he was not examined and even electrocardiographic monitoring (ECG) has not been possible due to lack of facilities there. Although he has heart palpitations with severe chest pain, but, the nurse at the clinic, announced that in his shifts no one will be sent to specialized medical centers and sent him back to the ward.
Not long ago, his physician in a letter to the prosecutor warned about the severe consequences concerning the high blood pressure of the mentioned patient according to the record and history of his heart attack.
It seems that Reza Entesari, jailed Dervish had an attack after Protection Unit Police of Evin prison, inspected ward 8 of this prison in which a number of political prisoners and also prisoners of conscience are being held.