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Reza Entesari Prevented by Prison Authorities for Emergency Transfer to Hospital

reza entesari


Despite the opinion of the head of infirmary of the ward 8 of Evin prison for the need to emergency dispatch of the jailed Gonabadi dervish, Reza Entesari to hospital, prison authorities refused his transfer.
Noon yesterday, following the transfer of the mentioned dervish to the infirmary of ward 8, the chief of the infirmary announced that his hypertension and drug-resistance is on the rise, and described as a hazardous condition for this patient, subsequently, called for the emergency dispatch to the hospital, but after coordination with the prison authorities this rights activist was returned to the jail again.
Previously, the prison authorities illegally two times according to the order of prosecutor’s office to put on handcuffs and shackles hampered him to be sent to the hospital for follow-up treatment concerning the heart disease.
Not long ago, his physician in a letter to the prosecutor warned about the severe consequences concerning the high blood pressure of the mentioned patient according to the record and history of his heart attack.