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A report about the political prisoners at ward 8 of Evin prison



At the moment 800 prisoners are being kept is Evin Prison’s Ward 8 which has the capacity to hold 500 prisoners.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), there are 800 prisoners held in Ward 8 of Evin prison which has four halls (Halls number 7, 8, 9 , and 10), while this ward has the capacity to hold just 500 prisoners.

Due to high Population density in this ward, many prisoners have to spend whole nights in Ward’s Chapel, “Hosseinieh”, and its hallways till Morning.

Hall 9 of this ward is allocated to foreigners and prisoners from more than 25 different nationalities are there. Nearly 200 people are jailed in this Hall.

Hall 7 of Ward 8, also known as the labor ward, has nearly 200 inmates. These prisoners work from dawn to dusk, and in return they receive about 40 thousand Tomans a month. Jobs that these people are engaged in are tailoring and carpentry, and prison service works.

Halls 8 and 10 of Ward 8, each of them has more than 300 prisoners.

Each of the halls of Ward 8 has five or six toilets and same numbers bathrooms that are not enough for all those who are being kept there.

Another problem is the cut off the hot water on most days of the week, that considering the cold weather and limited number of showers, has made personal hygiene and cleaning very difficult for prisoners

One of the prisoners in Ward 8 told HRANA’s reporter, “5 days a week, we do not have hot water and also the gas for cooking is rarely connected. Hall 10 which is on the top floor of the building does not have gas at any time. “

He added: “Political prisoners are scattered in different Halls of Ward 8 and due to the warden’s order if there are two political prisoners in one hall they shouldn’t be put in the same room.”

Indeed, there are 19 political prisoners held in different Halls of Ward 8 now:

Reza Entesari (Gathering and collusion against National Security, 8 and half years)

Mostafa Daneshjo (Gathering and collusion against National Security, 7 and half years)

Amir Akhshaei (Propaganda against the regime, 1 year)

Amir Nozar Nooripour (Sacrilege, Gathering and collusion against National Security, 10 years)

Asghar Gharavi (Publishing falsities- 4 years)

Safa Daneh (Propaganda, VPN sale, 2 years)

Kaveh Rahimi (Insulting the leadership, propaganda, 1 year)

Mostafa Abdi (Gathering and collusionagainst National Security, 3 years)

Hamidreza Yazdani (Sacrilege, insulting leadership, 5 and half years)

Hamidreza Ahmadi (detainee from “Saraye Ahle Ghalam”, House of Literati, gathering and collusion, 3 years)

Ba’bak A’siaei (Sacrilege, insulting leadership, 3 years)

Behzad (Hossein) A’siaei (Insulting leadership, propaganda, 1 year)

Mohammad Hossein Inanloo (connection with enemy governments, 4 years)

Mehdi Tadaion (propaganda, insulting leadership, disturbing public peace, 2 years)

Mohammad Shafiei (propaganda, 4 months)

Ammar Kalantari (Insulting president, 8 months)

Mehdi Dolati (Gathering and collusion, insulting leadership, 5 years)

Hossein Derakhshan (Insulting leadership, sacrilege, propaganda, action against National Security, 19 and half years)

Saeid Shirzad (Gathering and collusion, propaganda, action against National Security, pending)

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