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Kasra Nouri in the Fourteenth Day of Hunger Strike Suffering from a Speech Disorder



Kasra Nouri, Gonabadi Dervish and one of the collaborators of Majzooban Noor website who is being held in Shiraz’s Nezam prison, in the fourteenth day of Dervishes mass hunger strike was suffering from a speech disorder and physical weakness. It is for the third time in the last year that he has started a hunger strike to support other Dervish prisoners.
It is notable that, Kasra Nouri along with another jailed Dervish Saleh Moradi on 27th Day 1391 (Jan 16, 2013) had been protesting with a hunger strike against the illegal transfer of their Dervish lawyers to solitary confinement in Evin prison for 90 days and after transfer of seven Dervish lawyers to general ward 350, they ended their prolong-term hunger strike.
His family by expressing serious concerns about his health told that he also refuses to come the prison visiting room to protest against official accountability.
Mr. Nouri, like other jailed Dervishes in Evin Prison, in a statement entitled “The Will” has announced that the hunger strike will continue until their demands which is ” removing and wiping out the view and attitude on dervishes’ community as a security view ” are met. Kasra Nouri has released his will and announced “I will not stop hunger strike until death”. the mentioned Dervish rights activist has passed so far three years of four years and half in jail.