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Reza Entesari’s Heart Attack; Family Is Unaware of his Condition



The family of jailed Dervish rights activist in ward 8 of Evin prison, Reza Entesari, after being informed about his heart attack in prison, went to all hospitals under the supervision of Judiciary, the Ministry of Information and Prisons Organization in order to get news about his health condition, but unfortunately did not receive any response from officials in the judiciary, the prison officials and the responsible hospitals.
Despite “news boycott” by the Iranian media and their dire situation, Reza Entesari along with seven jailed Dervishes in Evin prison in response to the unlawful coercions of the prison officials and judicial authorities have decided to deprive themselves of any phone call or visit with their families in the prison uniform.

Reza Entesari, reporter, photojournalist and a member of Majzooban Noor website ( Nematollahi Gonabadi Order News Site ) was arrested in Shahrivar 90 (Sept 2011) for his reports about the role of the four clergymen in the incident of the Kavar as the main causes of Kavar conflict.
Due to the influx of officers during the arrest, his hand was seriously injured. Once a surgery was done on his finger in Ghamar Banihashem hospital but despite the doctor ordered physiotherapy treatment but he did not receive any treatment and after surgery, he quickly was returned to continue the interrogation in section 209 of Evin prison and this caused a problem which his finger was welded crooked and he was not able to bend his finger from the joint area and now he needs to have another surgery. He has not even had one hour of leave till now.
Reza Entesari was sentenced in absentia by judge Salavati in July 2013 to eight years and six months imprisonment on charge of preparing documents and activity in “Majzooban Noor website”.