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Health concerns rise for jailed Iranian activist

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The wife of political prisoner Mehdi Khazali says her husband is being held in a “tight cell without any basic services” and his health is seriously at risk.

The Kaleme website reports that a number of political activists visited the family of jailed activist Mehdi Khazali, and they were told that his calls to the family have been getting shorter and the family is very concerned about his health in solitary confinement.

The report indicates that Khazali’s spouse has written to senior members of the clergy to urge them to break their silence in view of the “cruelty [her] husband is being subjected to.” She warned that Mehdi Khazali’s current circumstances at Evin Prison are threatening his life.

Mehdi Khazali, the disowned son of conservative clergyman Ayatollah Khazali, has been critical of the government crackdown on election protests over the past four years, and his critical blogs and his association with reformist figures have resulted in his persecution by the authorities.

Radio Zamaneh