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Festival of Tiragan

  The festival of Tiragan is observed on July 1st, and it is primarily a rain festival and it is one of the three most widely celebrated feasts (along with Mihregan and Norooz) amongst Iranian peoples. Tir in modern Persian,; Tishtar in Middle Persian or Pahlavi; and Avestan Tishtrya, is the Yazad presiding over the […]

Shahabeddin Yahya Sohrevardi; the founder of the School of Illumination (Hikmat-al-Eshraq)

  July 30 marked the birth anniversary of Iranian philosopher Shahabeddin Sohrevardi. Shahabeddin Yahya Sohrevardi was born in 1155 in the town of Sohrevard in northwest of Iran and died in 1191 in Aleppo, Syria Shahabeddin Yahya Sohrevardi was born in 1155 in the town of Sohrevard in northwest of Iran and died in 1191 […]

Iranian Peace Prize winner praises Kobani’s women

  Earlier this month, the Norwegian House of Literature in Oslo held a panel titled “Women’s Role and Participation in Islamic Societies,” which included among its panelists the Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi. A former judge and rights activists, Ebadi became the first Iranina to win the Peace Prize in 2003. Ebadi spoke […]

Iranian Ex-President Says U.S. Seeks Arrest Of Hidden Imam

  Iran’s former hard-line President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has reportedly said that the United States is working to arrest the Hidden Imam, who according to Shi’ite belief went into hiding in the 10th century and will reappear to bring justice to Earth. Ahmadinejad made the comments in a speech to a group of clerics marking the […]

Iranian state media chiefs try to escape EU sanctions by denying role in human rights abuses

  Lawyers representing two of the most senior figures in Iran´s official media have argued that their clients bear no responsibility for the broadcast of forced confessions on state television. Mohammad Sarafraz, the head of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), and Hamid Reza Emadi, the head of news for Press TV, an English language […]

EU diplomat’s meeting with Iranian activists stirs controversy

  Tehran Member of Parliament Mehdi Kochakzadeh has taken shots at the Ministry of Intelligence and the Foreign Ministry for allowing EU diplomat Catherine Ashton to meet with “elements guilty of sedition.” On Wednesday March 12, Kochakzadeh described Ashton’s actions as worse than the policy of capitulation and insisted that Europeans have no right to […]

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