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Open Letter By Nematollahi Gonabadi Dervishes To The UN And Other Human Rights Organizations



From: Sufi brothers of Nematullahi Gonabadi Order in Iran

To: United Nation Organization,

And all humanitarian organizations who care for human pain,

October 20, 2012

Human beings are members of a whole

In creation of one essence and soul

If one member is afflicted with pain

Other members, uneasy will remain

If you have no compassion for human pain

The name of Human, you cannot retain

Sa’di Shirazi; Persian Sufi Poet

Dear brothers of human community;

We are your Sufi brothers of Nematullahi Gonabadi Order in Iran. We are from the same school that formed and introduced for human community, exemplar personages like Rumi, Farid-ed-din Attar, Khayyam or Sa’di Shirazi; the teller of the above cited poem, carved at the entrance of United Nation Organization showing the objective of this esteemed organization as the house of hope for oppressed human beings and human solidarity.

We are the followers of those highly humanitarian mystic thinkers, whose thoughts, transferred in XV century to Europe, made the glory of scholars of occident in matter of human dignity, law and peace. We are from the land and the language of Cyrus the Great who funded the human rights model, 27 centuries ago.

Still some think the inquisition was only limited to middle age?

But today, we are not free in our proper country to make part of this same Sufi community, to choose our faith and follow our rituals according to Islamic Shiite sharia, as the official religion of the country.

Our praying houses, our mosques are fired and bulldozed, our confreres are arrested, beaten and some tortured to death. Our houses are investigated and destroyed by security forces and we are arrested for claiming our legal right to see the legal mandates of these actions. Our children and our relatives are deprived from right of high education and other civil rights. We are not allowed to work in administration. Even the right of property for us is sometimes subject to annihilation. We suffer information boycott and our voice is suppressed when we are oppressed, to say that we are not even allowed to cry when we are aggressed.

Our Sufi advocates who take our defense according to the written and existing laws in Iranian constitution, go to prison. Even when other brave lawyers defenders of human rights, take our defense; they go to jail with them too.

Now it is more than one year that our lawyers (Messrs.Farshid Yadollahi, Mostafa Daneshjou, Amir Eslami, Afshin Karampour and Omid Behroozy) are imprisoned without any charge and no judgment in court, only to oblige them to repent of being Sufi.

Dear brothers of human community;

We wrote this letter to ask you, as Humanity and philanthropy, follow-up their rights in international courts.We ask you to explain to ignorant oppressors that one, who learnt to express his thoughts by poesy, will never backward to language of violence. Those who resisted more than hundreds of decades on their justified lawful rights and their humanitarian mission, whose heart and thoughts are illuminated with the light of knowledge of human values, will never retrograde to obscurity of ignorance, at price of their lives; as Rumi says:

On that first day of creation; I gave my word,

To invest my life at service of The Lord,

Damned shall be my life and me, if

I should betray, The Pact with my Lord.

Any human’s problem on the earth shall be ours if, our will is to reach a global peace.

With our utmost respects, as human beings, all cells of the body of humanity we are part of Sufi brothers of Nematullahi Gonabadi Order