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The Letter Of A Group Of Gonabadi Dervishes To Iran Bar Associations Union IBAU



A group of Nematollahi Gonabadi dervishes requested a prompt consideration into the case of imprisoned lawyers of their Institute.

According to Majzooban reporter, on Sunday morning a group of Gonabadi dervishes from Shiraz wrote the letter of request for prompt consideration to the head of IBAU, Mr.Mandanipour in which they have reminded that their lawyers Mr.Farshid Yadollahi and Amir Eslami together with Mr.Mostafa Daneshjou and Omid Behroozi who are in Evin prison with no trial for more than one year.

In this letter it is mentioned that these lawyers had defended our rights and have protested against unlawful actions taken against the Constitution.This is the reason why they are being on trial.Their only penalty is that they are fully aware of the Constitution and action that are taking place against Islamic and human principles and a great penalty is that their have protected against these actions.

In this letter, they have notified that the defending these lawyers is the IBAU’s responsibility also their dignity and honor must be defended in order to mention

the dignity and independence of their Institute.

The latter is as follows:



Dear Dr. Mandanipour

President of Iran Bar Associations Union

We, number of followers of the Nematollahi Gonabadi Order, hereby inform you that:

After suffering a long period of illegal limitations pressures and inhuman treatment including “destruction of the temples and worship places, destruction of personal residences of dervishes, unlawful detentions, threats, arrests, imprisonment and exiles” it is now more than a year that a number of lawyers and juridical experts at the service of our Spiritual Order have been arrested.

The perpetrators of these crimes constantly ignore the legal rights of dervishes by taking recourse to their own political and security analyses and under the pretext of defending the regime.Their paranoid conspiracy theories have allowed them to accuse these honorable brave and law-abiding lawyers of many imaginary crimes, whereas the only things they have done is to defend our rights.

Farshid Yadollah and Amir Eslami are two members of Lawyer’s Association of Fars Province who have been arrested. Omid Behroozi and Mostafa Daneshjou two lawyers working at the center for juristic consultation whose work permits have been canceled due to pressures of security forces.

Mr.President, our lawyers who have simply defended our rights and protested against unlawful deeds are now being put on trial.They have committed no crimes but to expose actions that are against the Constitution, Islamic principles and human ethics. Their greatest crime is to protest against illegal deeds, a brave action that has been portrayed as an unforgivable sin or blasphemy by their accusers.

Mr.President, if the Confederation of Lawyer’s Association is run by the same principle as the center for juristic consultation and if it educates lawyers who only think about money and the proper payments for its costs, then we should apologize for wasting your time and there is no need to further disturbing you.But if it is an independent entity with its own juristic principles and if defends law and justice in society, valuing the permit it issues for its members and if it is a refuge for the oppressed and committed to its oath and if it is brave enough to oppose the atrocities of the rich and powerful and loyal to its civil obligations then this latter is definitely addressed to you and your colleagues and one must say that it is an honor for the Confederation to have such rights members.

We should not forget that in the past the members of this Confederation have been sacrificed a lot in defense of the Revolution.

We hope that the Confederation of Lawyer’s Association does it legal duties in defending the rights of its own members, for if it does not, then, what is the meaning of its claim to be independent?

Yours Sincerely

A number of Gonabadi dervishes