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Critical Condition Of Jailed Gonabadi Dervish, Hamid Moradi And Danger Of Losing Toes

Gonabadi dervish and manager of Majzooban Noor website, Hamid Reza Moradi is in critical health condition in ward 350 Evin prison because of his disease and authorities refused to allow him medical leave.

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Hamid Moradi who has been confined in Evin prison for more than 13 months, is suffering from heart problems and clogging of arteries which is worrisome (70% blockage of blood vessels) so that even walking and standing is very difficult and painful for him and he has to use a walking stick now and despite warnings from physicians that he needs special medical care, he has not been treated properly and unfortunately the judiciary refused to allow him leave to continue his treatment outside the prison.

According to Majzooban reporter, after some while by lack of proper treatment his condition deteriorated so that, his leg has suffered from severe blood clotting and therefore his feet nails has been bruised.

His Physician stated that he should be hospitalized immediately for treatment if not they will be forced to cut toes of this prisoners of conscience!

It should be noted that, up to now Mr.Hamid Moradi was sent to the hospital three times but due to lack of coordination with the hospital, without undergoing any medical examination and treatment, this dervish and prisoners of conscience was returned to Evin prison after a few hours.