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Critical Condition Of Gonabadi Dervish Mohammad Ali Shamshirzan



Gonabadi dervish, Mohammad Ali Shamshirzan, who has been incarcerated in Adel Abad prison for more than 3 months is in a dire health condition now.

According to Majzooban reporter, Mohammad Ali Shamshirzan was arrested on Saturday morning in Ordibehesht 09 1391 ( April 28 , 2012 ) in Kavar, a town in Fars Province and the arrest took place at Shamshirzan’s workplace .

After he was charged in Kavar court without the presence of his legal lawyer, transferred to the quarantine detention center in Shiraz and he was confined there for two days, then, has been transferred to Adel Abad prison on Tuesday 12th Ordibehest 1391 ( May 01 , 2012) .

Our reporter added that, this Gonabadi dervish, has suffered from serious lung infection and family of this prisoners of conscience tries to take him to the hospital but unfortunately their efforts have been ineffective and though Mohammad Ali Shamshirzan has had a severe fever (Hyperpyrexia),  health center of Adel Abad prison prescribed just only “painkillers” for him!

This such reaction with prisoners of conscience has been repeated in many cases by authorities of Shiraz Adel Abad prison and due to lack of health care to jailed dervishes in this prison, their families had to complain and protest against this situation to Mr.Mousa Ahmadi, Director general of the Central Prison in Shiraz on Mordad 24 , 1391 (Aug 14 , 2012).

Mr.Mousa Ahmadi, in response, Promised to follow-up the status of prisoners too.

It is remarkable that, now three Gonabadi dervishes are still held in Adel Abad prison, Messrs,Saleh Moradi Sarvestani, Kasra Nouri and Mohammad Ali Shamshirzan that all of them are sick and suffering from physical problems.

Saleh Moradi has suffered from kidney disease for several months and Kasra Nouri, who is suffering from respiratory disease due to the harsh and poor health conditions of prison, finally, were transferred to the Shiraz Shaheed Mozaffari hospital after they submitted numerous requests to receive medical treatment.