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Tishk interview with Dr.Azmayesh, with English subtitles



Ordibehest 22 , 1391 ( May 11 , 2012 )- Nematollahi Soltan Ali Shahi Gonabadi’s Order is a name of one the Sufi Order in Iran;

Where the centre is based in Gonabad Repression by the Islamic Republic of Iran has increased and in the recent years the government has been trying to purge the thoughts and beliefs of Gonabadi dervishes inside of Iran and this matter still continues in Isfahan, Qom and other cities .


The Gonabadi Sufi Order, in an open letter to Mr.Khamenei, criticised the crackdown to followers of Gonabadi Sufies.

In the letter from the Dervishes, they spoke about the demolition of places of worship in cities within Qom, Boroujerd and Isfahan, as well as the prevention of people from holding ceremonies of worship in different cities.

Also the prevention of the Great Leader of Order, Dr.Noor Ali Tabandeh, from visiting his hometown Gonabad ( Baidokht ), dismissal of Dervishes from work places and cultural centres, beating, slashings, prosecutions, deportations and furthermore, the cancellation of licenses from lawyers who supported the Dervishes.

These are some of the injustices that the Dervishes of Gonabadi have directly suffered in the last five years .

Following an announcement against the Dervishes on 11 February 2009 during Friday prayers in Isfahan, the grave of Dervish Naser Ali in Takhte Foulad, a National Heritage, was attacked and completely demolished by bulldozers and all his belongings were stolen.

At about 170 attackers, a group of intelligence forces, from the council of Isfahan, as well as pressure groups have been reported to have destroyed a National Heritage building that was used since 1380 for Dervish’s ceremonies.

On 21st of February 2009 following these attacks, the Gonabadi Dervishes stood up and demonstrated against the government in front of Parliament building in the Republic of Iran as a result of this, security forces arrested sixty Dervishes.

Due to these attacks, the 3rd of Esfand (21st February) has been named the “ Dervish Day “.

Please try the link to see the interview with Dr.Mostafa Azmayesh