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Funeral ceremony Of Nematollahi Gonabadi Honorable Great Late Shaikh , Haj Shamseddin Haeri, “Ershad Ali ” Was Held In Other Cities


Funeral ceremony of Nematollahi Gonabadi honorable great late shaikh , Haj Shamseddin Haeri, “Ershad Ali ” was held in the cities of Tehran, Kerman ( his Hometown), Kavar, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz, Uromiyeh, Kish, Sirjan, Ahvaz, Shush, Borujerd, Doroud, Nahavand, Hamadan, Karaj, Semnan, Khorram Abad and Arak by his family and members of “Nematollahi Gonabadi Order” last week.


The honoring memorial  the great Sheikh to keep alive the memory of him was held magnificent by Kerman Dervishes and Retirement community of Kerman Education Organization.
According to Majzooban reporter, The ceremony, held in presence of  his family and his son, Mr. Habib Haeri who is allowed to do collective prayer in Australia And also Messrs.Seyd Mohammad Reza Ghaee and
Mahmoud Delavari who are  allowed to do collective prayers in Kerman And his colleagues and students in Kerman.
The ceremony began with recitation of Quran then the disciples and his colleagues began to lecture about his spiritual and physical perfections .
This pious and great mystic, just like a candle was burned as he was a bright light of his surrounding …
May Allah get his clean soul in peace