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  Mysticism and Jurisprudence, Regulating and Correcting Laws to Comply with the Islamic Sharia[1] Dr. Haj Noor Ali Tabandeh Historical formation and configuration of Islam can be considered in two stages: the first stage is related to the ...
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  A group of families of Evin Prison political prisoners held a protest gathering outside Iran's Majlis (parliament) on Sunday, April 20th. The protesters called for the release of political prisoners and also the return of the inmates ...
  Dho 'l-Nun al-Mesri by Farid al-Din Attar Abu 'l-Faiz Thauban ibn Ebrahim al-Mesri,called Dho 'l-Nun, was born at Ekhmim in UpperEgypt c. 180 (796), studied under various teach-ers and travelled extensively in Arabia and Syria.In 214 (829) ...

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