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«Beidokht is a city in the Central District of Gonabad County in Iran, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. Beidokht is located 270 kilometres (170 mi) south of Mashhad. In Beidokht town is "Mazare Soltani", a holy place for pilgrimage belonging to the ...
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  Hojjatoleslam Javad Soleymani, the Bafgh Friday Mass Imam, delayed the Friday Mass on August 29 for over half an hour as a "sign of solidarity with the people and workers of Bafgh." Bafgh Emrooz reports that Soleymani called for the ...
This is the translation of one of the world's greatest masterpieces The Epic of Shahnameh Ferdowsi (The Epic of Kings: Hero Tales of Ancient Persia) created by Hakim Abol-Ghasem Ferdowsi Toosi (940-1020) World famous Persian (Iranian) poet ...

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