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Site Statement Of Majzooban Nour About The Recent Moves Of The Security Services And The Insolences Of The State Media Against Gonabadi Dervishes





Send the impure people out of the clean earth; throw the straw and motes away from religious farm.

More than 30 years, the oppressed people of this land with the sacrifice of their sons’ blood and accepting the hardships and difficulties can’t be described, in order to maintain and prove the goals of the Revolution, they had patience hoping that they could experience fun and sweet freedom, independence, legal and social justice, to enjoy and use all legal gifts by creating a new structure and organization. And even with the connivance of the Leaders’ and rulers’ mistakes of the country during this period, they undertook double pains and suffering to achieve their dreams and aspirations. They didn’t have doubts of their ways. Among the waves of tragic storms and storm disasters and calamities, popular beliefs and mentality of people, anyway, were based on the fact that the failures are transient and tomorrow will be better than ever.

But today is tomorrow of yesterday. Rays of hope of freedom and justice, one after another, bound to increase distance and conflict between the interests of the government and people are closed. Following the bitter incident, judicial enforcement affairs lost their independence against the companions of power and became a means to use repressive policies. Getting the service of religion and religious sanctities and making fun of all spiritual values to justify and stabilize domination and to hold the attention of public opinion, has caused the destruction of beliefs and crumbling the palace of nation’s aspirations.

Although totalitarian interpret justice and civil demands to overthrow and soft war and ignorantly confess to sovereignty of despotism, the reality is that people have lost their security and psychological comfort in the current despotic space. Nation reaction against the function of government is only to achieve their minimum human rights and effort to enforce law and realization of justice.

Awareness, unity and solidarity of our nation against the rule of reactionary thought focusing to monopolize the ownership of all assets of national and cultural nation of Iran is the only way to save the country. The only way to achieve the best solution for disposal of oppression and social problems is through empathy and insistence on justice and the rule of law and fight with law breakers.

To achieve national unity, our people must learn that the citizens of this land are Iranian, whether a Muslim or Zoroastrian, Sunni or Shiite, Jew or Christian, Sufi, or …; they have equal rights. Iran belongs to all Iranians with any religious belief; nobody is on the other points. Accordingly, human rights abuses of every Iranian citizen because of his beliefs; humiliate and insult him harass and oppress the rights of all are oppressing the honor of the great Iranian nation.

The body of our national and religious culture injured by whippings of superstition and intolerance of religious slogans and worldly-minded people that propounded themselves as absolute truth and had a kind of particular withdrawal and interpretation about religion, trying to induce it to commons in different ways, they actually achieved control culture and religious affairs of the nation, and with misuse of political force, made their own despotic beliefs institutional and legal. Removing the boundaries of politics and religion have been able to search and interfere in the privacy of people’s most private inner conscience and take psychological and believable security of the nation away. This religious and political sect knows everything, except itself, void and entitles to the fire. Since they know themselves in the absolute right position, the country is hell on non-self. Today the followers of religions, particularly Muslims, especially Shiites, are suffering from disunion, violence, narrow-mind, prejudice, superstition and the weakness of spirituality and mysticism. Then let’s make Iran heaven with the aspiration of human values and respect each other’s opinions. We must take away any weapon causing disunion from people’s enemies.

For years, our national unity has been weakened with negating the rights of the minorities. The majority itself was deceived by the politics and the power of a few people too. Once they divided our nation into two groups: revolutionaries and anti – revolutionaries. Revolutionaries being great in numbers trampled the rights of the oppositions who were few. Then, we forgot something. Firstly, those who did not agree with the revolution were not necessarily opposed with it. Secondly, the anti- revolutionaries were Iranians and had the rights to live in this country. Later they propounded the differences of people like Fars, Kurd, Baluch, Arab, etc. Farses being great in numbers became the best of all. Those who were against with this superiority were suppressed. Everyone forgot that Iranian people consist of the collection of all these different races. Then quarrel between Shiite and Sunnite happened. Since Shiite was in majority, the suppression of Sunnites was done. We forgot that beliefs and religious believing are something personal. It was revolutionaries’ turn. They were divided to Right and Left. The majority was religious and the minority called Left. Again the minority was expelled and we forgot that this group has also fought for the freedom of Iran for years. Sometime later they propounded the superiority of “undertakers” than “experts”. The minority of experts was dismissed. They were unkind to them. So the human riches of the country fled away. Now it was religious people’s turn. The majority called the followers of Imam’s way and Hezbollah dismissed Liberals and Nationalists. Once more everyone forgot these people fundamentally propagated justice demanding in Iranians’ national culture at least during the last century and ….

The contentious story of minority and majority has continued to this day. Consequently, policy possessors design superiority of a majority over minorities, every time people have been designed of their legal rights. To a minority of people in general will be referred to that have put their will in the hand of the power of political rulers. Let’s have respects to individual liberties and social rights of each of the great Iranian nation and have respect to each Iranian because of Iranian character apart from political ideology and religious beliefs and ethnicity he belongs.

Power centers for religious polices, not only have invaded religious minorities and dissidents, but with planning and intrigue, monopolized religious centers and isolated true independent clergy and references. A crowd having invalid authority in society have power of propaganda over religious affairs that cause disunion with lies, insults and calumny to religious way disciples and religious law Mohammad seekers. They sow discord and blow the war between Muslims.

Unfortunately, in a program coordinated by the country’s security services with conforming propaganda and media devices, side by side the superstition and dissimulation Leaders, creating a new war against the Nimatullahi Gonabadi Series Dervishes every day. Arrest, summons, and threatening interrogation have increased. State media inserted false material lying around, as the interview or content pretending to oppose false mysticism, shamelessly insult and slander to Mysticism and Sufism authorities to stimulate Gonabadi Dervishes to confront them, however, stated:

It is not surprising that a foolish slanders us, says about our fault one hundred times, while it is not true.

We are like a mirror at which everyone looks, what he says, good or bad, is his.

Although Rumi stated:

The moon emits light and the dog barks, everyone treats according to its nature.

Dervishes in the position of defending their faith and belief against these cowardly prate and conflict won’t be silent and indifferent.

Majzooban Nour site, news base of Nimatullahi Gonabadi Series Dervishes, while condemning the seditious behavior of this unrestrained congregation, warns all the defenders of human rights and international associations, especially the noble nation of Iran, about the atrocities against Gonabadi Dervishes going on. It announces that exceeding and violent psychosis outcome, have mocked religion reverence and dignity of humanity; they’ve broken the sanctity of politeness and ethics. If the freedom and justice bearers keep silence against oppression going on Gonabadi Dervishes, the oppressors will dare to be more ruthless and brutal. Therefore they will be allowed to oppress and molest to the rights of Iranian nation more than ever. Consequently, before it is too late, at any cost, in the peaceful challenge, condemn politics causing disunion so as to prevent disturbance caused by religious war.

The Administrator of Majzooban Nour Site