Web site Introduction

1.     We are Muslims and follow its orders.

2.     Our faiths is in Sufism and for this time are believing in Eminence Dr. Nour Ali Tabandeh (Majzob Ali Shah) the spiritual leader of Ni‘matullih? Gunabadi as a largest order of Sufism in Iran.

3.     We truly love all mankind and  any God creature, we do respect freedom of speech and human right in all kind and we respect all the ideas and groups as human being’s ideas and oppose all kind of oppressing on different ideas and group as long as the are moving in the frame of respecting human rights.

4.     We do respect Iranian’s official Legislation and we consider it as our responsibilities.

5.     This site has been established to present the founders’ personal views and ideas and does not represent any specific group or party and we would be held as responsible for any consequences.