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Dervishes are Under Beat & Violence, Windows & Glasses of Nursing Homes Broken, Officers of Destruction Leave temporarily/ Photo

Following the resistance of present dervishes in the building of the nursing home belonging to Gonabadi Dervishes which indeed is under the construction, the officers and forces of destruction by using violence, and beating, hitting and also breaking and smashing the windows and glasses of this center have temporarily left the place. The received reports […]

Iranian Society Suffers from Depression and Leans Towards Violence

  A member of Iran’s parliamentary committee on health and treatment announced that 12 million Iranians suffer from mental illnesses and added, “But despite the large number of individuals with mental issues, there are only 40,000 hospital beds for them.” In the past too, many other specialists had spoken of a shortage of beds and […]

The rate of violence of the security forces was not convictable/Four injured Dervishes have been transferred to the emergency ward of Sajjad hospital. /Pictures of injured.

  Having been transferred to the Sajjad Hospital,the four Dervishes who all were suffering from severe bleeding and had gone to coma, demonstrates only one of the unimaginable acts of violence by the police and plainclothes forces in suppressing the Dervishes.The formation of tunnel of baton and also landing the fatal hits on the head […]

Poverty and violence blamed for depression among Iranian women

  Domestic violence and loneliness exacerbated by lack of both self-esteem and of opportunities for social-interaction and recreation have been identified as major causes of the widespread depression experienced by Iranian women. Lack of financial power owing to poor wages and other factors, plus dependence on others, are also hugely significant. Renowned psychologist Leyla Alizade […]

Grievance of Jailed Gonabadi Dervish, Mostafa Abdi against Judge Salavati

  Imprisoned Gonabadi Dervish, Mostafa Abdi has complained against judge Salavati to disciplinary prosecutor court of Judges over the violations of law during his case investigation process and the issuance of three year jail sentence by the judge.According to Majzooban Noor, Dervish rights activist, Mostafa Abdi who is currently being held at Evin Prison’s Ward […]

Presidential Candidate Brags About His Direct Role in Violence and Repression

  The Campaign has obtained a secretly recorded two-hour audio file of Qalibaf in which he details his prominent and direct role in repressing and carrying out violence against student protesters in July 1999, July 2003, and in the 2009 post-election protests. Qalibaf, Mayor of Tehran, Should be Added to Human Rights Violators List (May […]

Why Have My Rights Been Trampled? An Open Letter from a Lawyer

  Massoud Shafiee, the lawyer who represented the three American hikers in Iran, shared an open letter to the Iranian authorities with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. In the letter, he calls out the Iranian authorities for confiscating of his passport, monitoring all his communications, and preventing him from continuing his professional […]

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