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Political Activists Arrested In Lahijan Ahead Of The Presidential Election

  As the presidential election nears, a number of political activists have been summoned, homes of some activists searched and a number of activists who were planing to open a campaign office for Hashemi Rafsanjani have been arrested. Among the arrested are, Hamid Hadisi, Ebrahim Khoshsirat, Mourice Bagheri, and Mr. Jafari the chair of the […]

Bagher Asadi, a High Ranking Diplomat, And Two Political Activists Arrested

  Bagher Asadi, a high-ranking Iranian diplomat was detained in Tehran in March as a part of the crackdown on dissidents in the weeks leading to the Iranian presidential elections, Reuters reported on Tuesday. Asadi, who had previously worked in the Iranian UN Mission in New York, was a director of the Istanbul-based D8 Group […]

IHRDC Releases Latest Report – “On the Margins: Arrest, Imprisonment and Execution of Kurdish Activists in Iran Today”

  For decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has led a targeted campaign of repression against Kurdish activists within Iran’s borders. Today, this persecution is particularly acute, with an estimated 14 Kurdish activists currently on death row in Iran. The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center’s latest 70-page report, “On the Margins: Arrest, Imprisonment and Execution […]

Hundreds of activists call for prisoner’s release

  More than 350 human rights and political activists have issued a statement urging the Iranian authorities to release Mehdi Khazali. The announcement expressed grave concern for the health of the political prisoner, who has gone on hunger strikes on several occasions, saying: “His life is under immediate and serious threat after three months of […]

Mass Summoning Of Activists By Intelligence Apparatuses

          While in the past months, the Intelligence apparatuses were trying to encourage the Reformists (in a controlled and ineffective manner) to participate in the upcoming presidential election, yet, a large number of activists have recently been summoned and threatened that they should refrain from any campaign activities. Otherwise, they should […]

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