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Hamid-Reza Moradi’s speech after his release from prison

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Rights activist of Gonabadi Dervishes, Hamid-Reza Moradi Sarvestani, who after four years spending in prison has been freed from the jail in a video message by referring to the murder of martyr Vahid Banani says that his freedom did not make him happy because his innocent brothers are still in jail and exile.

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The full text of Mr Moradi’s speech is as follows:

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

My freedom would not bring me happiness and joy because my brothers are still in jail and exile. I will never be happy of my freedom while I go to visit their families and see their grieves.
For what happiness? When I see the faces of the bereaved parents of my brother, “Martyr Vahid Banani” who is buried in the ground and I am breathing on the ground, how can I be happy?
How to meet my loved ones?
What gift could I bring to respond the generosity and courage of my brothers and sisters, who in recent years, all the time prayed for the release of prisoners, gathered, protested, were beaten and arrested by the security forces? After all, which oppression could i remove that makes me happy today? It is not known if our tomorrows are not like yesterday, with the martyrs, captivity, exile or destruction of another places of worship (Hosseiniyeh).
But today I ignore the facts. However, we are Dervishes and without a doubt believe both easy and hard times come from allah, therefore we also feel joy in adversity, and not only we do not shy away from difficult, but we are buyer it.

Now I would like to say my heart words in Molana Rumi’s poems:

To my murshid and great master his Holliness Haj Dr Noor-Ali Tabandeh Majzoob Ali Shah, “Allah’s will, has a long life with Good General Healthy Body”

گفت آن مرغ این سزای او بود ** که فسون زاهدان را بشنود
The bird said, “This is a fit punishment for one who listens to the beguiling talk of ascetics.”

گفت زاهد نه سزای آن نشاف ** کو خورد مال یتیمان از گزاف
“Nay,” said the ascetic; “it is a fit punishment for the greedy wretch who incontinently devours the property of orphans.”

بعد از آن نوحه‌گری آغاز کرد ** که فخ و صیاد لرزان شد ز درد
Afterwards it (the bird) began to lament in such wise that the trap and the fowler trembled at the grief (which it displayed),

کز تناقضهای دل پشتم شکست ** بر سرم جانا بیا می‌مال دست
Crying, “My back is broken by the contradictions (conflicting motives) in my heart: come, O Beloved, rub Thy hand on my head.

زیر دست تو سرم را راحتیست ** دست تو در شکربخشی آیتیست
Under Thy hand my head hath a (great) relief (from pain): Thy hand is a miracle in bestowing favour.

سایه‌ی خود از سر من برمدار ** بی‌قرارم بی‌قرارم بی‌قرار
Do not take away Thy shadow (protection) from my head: I am restless, restless, restless.

خوابها بیزار شد از چشم من ** در غمت ای رشک سرو و یاسمن
(All) sorts of sleep have quitted mine eye in my passion for Thee, O Thou who art envied by the cypress and the jasmine.

گر نیم لایق چه باشد گر دمی ** ناسزایی را بپرسی در غمی
Though I am not deserving (of Thy favour), what matter if for a moment Thou ask after an unworthy one (who is) in a (great) anguish?”

مر عدم را خود چه استحقاق بود ** که برو لطفت چنین درها گشود
What right (to Thy favour), forsooth, had Not-being, to which Thy grace opened such doors?