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National-Religious activist on hunger strike in Evin



Reports indicate that Hossein Rafii, an Iranian Nationalist-Religious activist in Evin Prison, is in a grave state of health.

A National-Religious website reports that Rafii is refusing food and medicine to protest the failure of authorities to provide him with due process.
Ana Rafii, the activist’s daughter, confirms her father’s hunger strike, saying he is only drinking water, and his poor health is causing his family great concern.

Ana Rafii has written a letter to President Hassan Rohani, criticizing the attempts “to fabricate charges against her father”.

Rafii has been sentenced to six years in jail for “activities and membership in National-Religious Council and propaganda activities against the regime through giving interviews to opposition media and the use of satellite”. The university professor was arrested even though the appellate court has not yet issued a decision on his appeal.
Radio Zamaneh