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His Holiness, Imam Mahdi, Sahib Al Amr (Master of Command) (AS)


15th Shaban 1436 in accordance with 13 Khordad 1394 (2 June 2015) is the happy and auspicious birthday anniversary of the twelfth and last Shi’a Imam, Imam Mahdi (A.S.).

Majzooban Noor website management, would congratulate this auspicious day, to His Holiness, Haj Dr. Noor Ali Tabandeh ( Majzoob Ali Shah) the great Qutb of the Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufi Order and to all Gonabadi Dervishes and Shia Muslims in all over the world.

The 12th Imam 

His Holiness Sahib Al Amr (Master of Command) (AS)[1]

The Imam of Human Beings and Essence of Life and Divine Caliph and Associate of Quran His Holiness Hujjat Ibn al-Hassan, peace upon him (Afts)[2]. His glorified name Mohammad and his patronym Abul Qasim, his noble titles Mahdi (guide), Muntazar (awaited one), Hujjat-e-Khalaf (proof of the previous Imam), Ghaim (one who rises). His auspicious birth was in the middle of month of Shaaban 255 Hijri (869 AD). His paragon exalted mother Omme Waladi whose real name was Malika and well known and famed as Nargis Khatoon. According to some narrations, she was granddaughter of the Caesar of Rome.

His Holiness’ sacred essence was similar to His Holiness Moses (AS) from the beginning of his birth, for reasons of fear from enemy and protection from harm of the vicious; was hidden and veiled from the public and except the elites of the family. No one had attained and had honor to see his blessed face. Even the people were not aware of his existence and according to narrations only for prayer over the sacred dead body of his noble father; he was seen by the public and after prayers immediately was concealed.

From his respected paternal Aunt Hakima Khatoon, it has been narrated that on the day of the night he was born, I (Hakima Khatoon) was in the house of His Holiness Askari (AS), when I intended to go back to my home, His Holiness Askari (AS) said: Stay in my house tonight, since a child will be born who will be my successor and the proof of God on all others than God. I stayed in His Holiness’ house with great delight. His Holiness till the end of the day sat with his bondswomen. I asked will this august birth be born from which one of them? He said: from Nargis. I was astonished because I did not see the signs of such occurrence in her body. As night fell, I slept with Lady Nargis in a separate room according to the commands of His Holiness. I was apprehensive of the condition of Nargis. I got up for vigilant devotion earlier than usual. Till the time of dawn I engaged in prayers and there was no apparent sign of the Imam’s statements. Doubt was about to come into my heart, till suddenly I heard His Holiness Askari’s (AS) voice who said: Don’t doubt as the time is near. That time restlessness was apparent in Nargis. I embraced her in my arms. Again, the voice of His Holiness Askari (AS) said: Read Surah of Inna Anzalna[3]. When I started reciting, it appeared that the child in the mother’s stomach was reciting with me in agreement. After reciting the verse, that child greeted me. I was anxious to some extent. Again, Imam said from the other room: Do not fear and be amazed from the power of the Almighty about my children. Suddenly a curtain of light intervened between me and Lady Nargis and for a moment she disappeared from my sight. After a minute, I glanced and saw Nargis. Radiant light from her face was luminescent and that sacred child was born and was in prostration towards the Qiblah[4]. Then, not much time had passed that His Holiness Askari (AS) said: Bring my son to me. I took the child and gave him to His Holiness. His Holiness said to him: O my son: recite. As is by the authority and might of God; all of a sudden the child took refuge in God, then said: In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful. And We desire to bestow a favor upon those who were deemed weak in the earth, and make them the leaders, and make them the heirs[5] Then I saw many white birds gathered around His Holiness Askari (AS). His Holiness said to one of the birds, take this child of mine and take good care of him and bring him to me once every forty days. That bird took the child and flew away with the other birds. I said: What was the bird that you entrusted your child to it? He said: He was the Holy Spirit. Hakimah Khatoon says: till His Holiness Askari (AS) was alive, once every forty days I went to His Holiness’ house to visit the Imam of the Age. Till the time, a few days before his martyrdom when I went to His Holiness’ house, I saw the Imam of the Age who had grown up so much that I did not recognize him. His Holiness Askari (AS) said: This is the son of Nargis and is my successor after me and Allah’s remainder on the earth. After me, all of you submit to him. In short, after the martyrdom of his noble father, he appeared from concealment just when Jaffer Kazzab wanted to recite prayers over the dead body of His Holiness Askari (AS), he came forward in front of the line opposite to the sacred dead body of his father and with his blessed hands pushed Jaffer aside and said: O uncle go back, I have priority to recite prayers over my father and after finishing prayers went inside the room and disappeared from sight. Jaffer went and complained to Motamid the Caliph and told him what had happened. Motamid sent his men to search the house and all the rooms and could find no trace of His Holiness. As a precaution, he sent women spies to investigate and examine the bondswomen of His Holiness Askari (AS) that if any sign of pregnancy were seen in a bondswoman then imprison her till she delivers the child then kill the child.

Briefly, His Holiness during the martyrdom of His Holiness Askari (AS) was five years old according to one narration and according to another narration two years old when concealed behind the curtain of Minor Occultation from public sight. Till the time of Major Occultation only the four deputies and delegates of His Holiness according to decrees issued from his blessed side one after the other was intermediary between the Shias and His Holiness and used to take letters and petitions to His Holiness and get their replies.

The four deputies in chronological order: First is Othman Bin Saeed Al Amravi who was his deputy and had power of attorney from His Holiness during the lifetime of His Holiness Askari (AS) and according to his command he was assigned also to His Holiness Hojjat. Second, after the death of Othman Bin Saeed, his son Abu Jaffer Mohammad Bin Othman was appointed in place of his father on the command of the Imam. These two illumined righteous had the honor to be the deputies of His Holiness for about fifty years till Mohammad Bin Othman became sick in the month of Jamadi–ul–Awwal in the year 305 Hijri (918 AD). At that time a written decree was issued to him from his blessed side to appoint Abol Qasim Bin Rauh in his place. Then Abol Qasim Bin Rauh was entrusted with the honorable deputation of His Holiness Vali Asr (ATFS) till the year 323 Hijri (935 AD). In the year when he was near to dying, he appointed Abol Hassan Ali Bin Mohammad Al-Amravi in his place by indication from the respected side of His Holiness and that honorable righteous was an intermediate between the Shias and His Holiness Proof of God till the year 329 Hijri (941 AD) when he became ill. The Shiite gathered around him and came to know his successor, and asked about the next deputy after his death. That righteous showed them a blessed script from His Holiness Proof of God who had written: “O’ Abol Hassan, prepare yourself that in six days you will depart to the hereafter and don’t appoint a successor for after yourself as the Major Occultation will occur and there will be no appearance except after the command of the Almighty God for General Appearance. And from now onwards till the time of General Appearance whoever claims to have seen me will be liar and deceiver. Those present after seeing the respected script dispersed. On the sixth day they came to his bedside, saw him in a state of agony of death and his respected spirit flew to the beloved in the mid of the month of Shaaban of the year 329 Hijri (941 AD). He was the last of the four deputies from his respected side in the Minor Occultation. The Minor Occultation started from the birth of His Holiness till the year 329 Hijri (941 AD) for the period of seventy four years. This occultation was during the rule of Al-Razi Bi’llah.

Number of notable companions of His Holiness Hassan Askari (AS) who were also during the era of His Holiness Proof of God (ATFS).

Mohammad Abi Ibrahim Abi Mehryar Al-Ahwazi. In the book of Rejal written by Mamagani has written that: Abi Tavoos has considered him as a deputy of His Holiness Askari (AS).

Mohammad Bin Isaq Al-Qommi. In the aforesaid book of Rejal, it is said about him that: narrated from Saddooq bin Jafar bin Oon al-Asadi that he was of the deputies of Sahib (May our souls be sacrificed for him) who saw him and his miracles, he was of the people of the city of Qom and his name was Mohammad bin Isaq.

Aba Al-Qasem Junaid Bin Mohammad Al Kavariri. In the book of Rejal; Mamagani has said about him: Junaid is the slayer of Faris bin Hatam al-Qazvini. As it is understood from the narrations, the latter was the companion of Hazrat Askari (AS) and on the order of His Holiness Askari (AS) killed Faris and his act is an obvious reason for his glory and magnanimity.

Mohammad Bin Salih Bin Mohammad al-Hamdani.

Mohammad Bin Ebrahim Abi Mohammad al-Hamdani

Qasim Bin Ala Azarbaijani

Mohammad Bin Shazan al-Neshabouri

Hajez Bin Yazid

Contemporary Caliphs till the Minor Occultation:

Al Motamid Billah Abbasi

Al Moktafee Billah

Al Motasid Billah

Al Qahir Billah

Al Razi Billah, that during his time the Major Occultation occurred.

[1] Master of Command

[2] Afts: May Allah hasten his appearance.

[3] Quran, Surah: 97, Al Qadr.

[4] Qiblah: direction of Mecca to which Muslims turn in prayers

[5] Surah: Al-Qasas, verse 5.