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Iran Is the 7th Most Censored Country in the World



In accordance with the Annual Report of the Committee to Protect Journalists; in about 10 countries which are most censored by the government, Iran is the seventh one.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the report states that Eritrea, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan and Vietnam have the most amount of censor before Iran and China, Myanmar and Cuba are after Iran.

Committee to Protect Journalists has written about censorship in Iran that the government uses the mass arrest and imprisonment to silence dissents and forced journalists to exile. In 2009, Iran was in the first place of the largest prison for journalists.

This report says: “Iranian authorities maintain one of the toughest Internet censorship regimes in the world, blocking millions of websites, including news and social networking sites.”

The report also notes that despite the expectations of the international community, human rights activists and election campaigns promises, the media censorship in Iran after Mr. Rohani’s presidency has not improved.

“The government uses mass and arbitrary detention as a means of silencing dissent and forcing journalists into exile. Iran became the world’s leading jailer of journalists in 2009 and has ranked among the world’s worst jailers of the press every year since.” The report has stated