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“Human Rights Atlas” Published by 2 Political Prisoners



The book “Human Rights Atlas” was published by Mehdi Khodaei and Omid Kokabi’s effort, with a foreword of Abdolfatah Soltani. This educational book is translated and compiled in Evin prison, by these prisoners.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), “Human Rights Atlas” was compiled by Seyed Mehdi Khodaei and Omid Kokabi’s cooperation, 2 famous Iranian prisoners in Evin prison, with a foreword from Abdolfatah Soltani, imprisoned human rights activist lawyer, and was published by “A’rman Shahr” publisher.

“Human Rights Atlas” tries to answer one of the most fundamental questions after the Second World War: “How can live in a more humane and safer world?”

The Introduction secession of this book is about the principles and concepts of human rights, including “Freedom and equality”.

This book is written in simple language, using pictures and maps, trying to make the readers familiar with better and deeper understanding of “Why human rights is important?”.

Authors and translators of this book – who are victims of human rights violations – have sought to provide a full and understandable report on the human rights situation in the world.

Mazdak Ali Nazari, former political prisoner, is the editor of this book, and it was published by “A’rman Shahr” publish, in Afghanistan. It is to say that, this book was published in Afghanistan solely because of failing to get permission for publish in Iran.

Seyed Mehdi Khodaei, is former secretary of the Islamic Association in Shahr Rey Azad University and one of the “Human Rights Activists in Iran” officials, who was arrested on 2nd of March 2009 because of his civil activities and he is held in Evin prison, now.

Omid Kokabi, elite student of physics and one of the scientific figures who has already won prestigious international awards, is also held in Evin prison to serve his 10 years imprisonment sentence on the so-called charge of “connection with hostile government”. He has repeatedly rejected the charge and believes that his is a victim of security system’s fake scenario.

Human Rights Activists in Iran will soon provide the access to this book to Iranian interested citizens.