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30 Sunni Men Arrested in Village of Nasir Abad



Iranian security forces have arrested at least 30 people in a series of raids earlier today in the village of Nasir Abad in Sarbaz, Sistan-Baluchestan province.

According to the report of “Baluch Activists”, security forces began storming houses at 4am this morning, breaking into people’s houses as they slept and smashing windows.

The arrests continued until 9am. At least 30 Sunni men were rounded up, and possessions including computers and mobile phones were confiscated.

Similar arrests were reported in the villages of Dazbagan and Ali Abad.

The arrests come just days after a teacher and a member of the Basij Iranian paramilitary force were shot by unknown men in the area.

The Iranian authorities regularly use such incidents as an excuse to arrest large numbers of people. Similar events have seen dozens of different people imprisoned for supposed ‘involvement’ in the same incident.

So far, 23 of the detainees have been identified. They are: Moslem Dehghani, Akbar Dehghani, Omid Bahramzehi, Naveed Bahramzehi, Zobeir Bahramzehi, Shehdad Bahramzehi, Adham Arbabi, Haaj Iqbal, Aamer Bahramzehi, Khaled Karij, Farhad Buledi, Edrees Buledi, Bashir Buledi, Ameer Bahramzehi, Waseem Bahramzehi, Davood Bahramzehi, Majid Bahramzehi (the son of Sunni Imam Shaykh Abdol Rahman), Yussef Rindbaloch, Amin Rindbaloch, Asif Bahramzehi, Zobeir (from Ali Abad village), Abo Bakr Mollazehi and Seddigh Bahramzehi.

The village’s Friday prayer Imam, Shaykh Dost Mohammad Raisi, as well as village elder Haji Gul Khan were also arrested in the raids, but were later released.