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Protest of Mohammad Ali Taheri’s students in front of Evin Prison



Mohammad Ali Taheri’s students – a prisoner of conscience and the founder of Interuniversalism Mysticism – Erfaneh Halgheh – gathered in front of Evin Prison to protest against the imprisonment of their teacher and to express their concerns about his condition.

HRANA reports that according to Sahamnews , on Tuesday , 18 November 2014, a group of Mohammad Ali Taheri’s students gathered in front of Evin Prison and demonstrated by shouts of “Allaho Akbar” ( God is the greatest). These people who protested against the concerning condition of Mohammad Ali Taheri in front of Evin Prison, demanded his freedom.

Mohammad Ali Taheri has been on hunger strike since 26 October 2014, was initially sent to the prison’s clinic due to his extreme weakness and then was transferred to an external hospital. His extreme condition was the main concern of his students.

Mohammad Ali Taheri previously announced that he would break his hunger strike as soon as the forged case made against him by security forces on the charges of “Corruption on earth” is closed.

Tuesday protests of Mohammad Ali Taheri’s students in front of Evin Prison, intervened by the security police but according to the received reports, police forces were not successful to disperse the protestors as they strongly resisted.

Protestors demanded to visit Mohammad Ali Taheri to make sure of his health and they also asked for his unconditional release from prison. Based on received reports, these protests will continue to support Mohammad Ali Taheri.

On Tuesday demonstrations, apart from the “Allaho Akbar” motto, a poem by Mr Taheri was also sung by the group of protestors.