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” Lift the hunger strike, swear on our ulcer ” A letter by the members of the campaign of “migration of Dervishes” to the nine jailed Dervishes



The members of campaign of migration of Dervishes by releasing a letter to the nine imprisoned Dervishes in Evin and Nezam prisons, asked them to end their hunger strike.
The members of this campaign who were brutally beaten by the security and plainclothes forces due to their protest against inflicted oppressions on Dervishes, by releasing a letter swore the jailed Dervishes on the injuries and sorrows which they have received in the practice of the rights of Gonabadi Dervishes end their hunger strike.
The context of the letter is as follows;

O Imprisoned Brethren- fragments of heart and soul;

We swear you on our wounds, lift your hunger strike. And let if death is our destiny, we die together, hand in hand…
And if freedom from the clutches of bloodthirsty tyrant, we all free together from the cage of their world…
We trees are from one jungle, and distress has no way to us. From this jungle if each tree burns, a jungle will burn in his/ her sorrow…
From Thirty birds of Dervishes, if one of them picks up the wound, “Phoenix” will be injured.
We swear you to the wounds of our brethren and sisters, end your strike. Because if this wicked congregation who have poured our blood in the glass want to keep on their arrogance and breach their promise, we all come together and like Hallaj will go on gallows and under their batons and will say our thankful prayer until the world with two eyes see that the human is still alive and has not sold its conscience to capital, power and politics.
They wrote on the walls of our places of worship (Hosseineyeh) “death to Dervishes”, and now they will see with their two eyes that how we will put our bodies in exposure to their batons and prisons until the same slogans which have been written on the walls, come to reality with their hands and actions.
The Signers of Campaign “Dervishes migration from Iran to Evin”