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Strike on Visit and Phone, Silent Protest by Jailed Dervishes



In a very short contact from non-political ward of Evin prison with his family, one of the Dervishes informed the phone and visit strike and silent protest by jailed Dervishes.
According to Majzooban Noor, Mr. Hamid-Reza Moradi and Mr. Mostafa Daneshjou have been transferred to wards of four and eight of Evin prison. Before their self-return to the prison from the hospital, in response to the unlawful coercions of the prison officials and judicial authorities led to have had the insult for jailed Dervishes, they had both decided to deprive themselves of any phone call or visit with their families in the prison uniform.
He also added this act, strike on phone contact and visit with families, has been welcomed by all jailed Dervishes unanimously, and also mentioned that as long as the basic rights of political and prisoners of conscience are not provided, the silent protest won’t halt.
It should be mentioned that, out of eight Dervishes who have been in jail to the charge of defending the rights of Nematollahi Gonabadi Dervishes, Mr. Amir Eslami and Mostafa Abdi are jailed in ward 350, Omid Behroozi, Farshid Yadollahei in ward 7, Reza Entesari in ward 8, and Afshin Karampour in ward 4.
Mr. Moradi and Daneshjou who have been jailed in wards of four and eight, eleven days ago in the following of the abrupt transfer of Afshain Karampour from Shohada e Tajrish hospital to Evin prison, they both in a self-discharge decision, came back to prison from the hospital as a sign of protest.
It also should be noted that last week, the Dervishes imprisoned in ward 350, expressed empathy with other Dervishes who have been deprived of the right of medical treatments and visit, and had refused to attend the meeting hall.