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Activists call for fair trials for Sunnis on death row

rejaeishahr 6


A group of Nationalist-Religious activists outside Iran have issued a statement calling for the death sentences of Sunni prisoners in Rejai Shahr, Qezel Hessar and Sanandaj Prisons to be rescinded.

The statement calls for the withdrawal of the sentences and the processing of the charges against these prisoners in a fair trial.

According to the statement, about 110 Sunni prisoners are in these prisons. Some have reportedly been there since 2009 and others were arrested some time before Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei traveled to Kurdistan.

The statement reports that 40 of these prisoners have been sentenced to death, and of those, six were executed two years ago.

The activists say carrying out such death sentences will have serious effects on the political atmosphere and security of the country and lead to extremism in the region.

Radio Zamaneh