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Political prisoners of Rajai Shahr on strike



political prisoners of hall 12 announced a three days long strike by which they will refuse to get prison’s ration, in protest to closing the library of ward, resumption of sending noises, mandatory uniforms for political prisoners and insulting interrogations.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), political prisoners and prisoners of conscientious of hall 12 of Rajaei Shahr prison, announced that they will refuse to get the governmental ration of the prison from Monday January 28, for 3 days in protest to resumption of sending noises and closing the library, interrogations with insult and mandatory use of uniforms for political prisoners.

The prison guards performed a general interrogation of hall 12 and some political and conscientious prisoners were insulted during this interrogation.

In response, prisoners chanted “death to dictator” and sang the Yar-e-Dabestani song, in prison’s yard.

Authorities closed the library of hall 12 on Saturday January 25, while the books in library were provided at the expense of prisoners and prisoners do not have access to central library.

As a reminder, the prison authorities resumed sending noises during passed months.

Earlier the harmfulness of sending these noises on short and long time has been mentioned in some reports and resumption of sending them caused concerns among prisoners of this prison.

The publicized photo from hall 12 by a former prisoner is the excuse for new waves of pressure on political prisoners in this prison.

HRANA News Agency