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Rohani calls for peace and moderation



Iranian President Hassan Rohani addressed the UN General Assembly today, Wednesday September 25, emphasizing that relations between Iran and the U.S. can be managed if the political will exists on both sides.

Rohani stated that he closely followed the speech by the U.S. president, who had addressed the assembly a few hours earlier.

Rohani said: “If U.S. leaders have political determination and are willing to refrain from following the interests of pressure groups seeking war, we can reach a framework in which differences can be managed. This framework has to be based on equal stance, mutual respect and absolute international principles.”

He went on to say that Iran seeks constructive interaction based on mutual respect and regard for shared interests, adding that “in this framework, it has no intention of increasing tensions with the United States.”

The Iranian president said Iran has a new policy for protecting its atomic rights while easing the concerns of other countries. He added that these two principles must remain the shared and inseparable goals of the nuclear talks.

He stressed: “Nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction have no room in Iran’s defence doctrine and cannot be reconciled with our fundamental religious and ethical beliefs.”

He said Iran wants to resolve problems and not create any, and according to the president, there is no issue that cannot be resolved with “hope and moderation, with mutual respect, and the rejection of violence and extremism.”

Rohani also heavily criticized the policy of placing sanctions on countries. “Let us not forget the millions of Iraqis who suffered from the sanctions that were delivered in the legal wrappings of international bodies,” he said.

He added: “Sanctions are a violent approach, be they targeted or not; be they unilateral or multilateral.”

The Iranian president maintained that the sanctions against Iran are in violation of absolute human rights, such as the right to peace, the right to development, the right to access healthcare and education and, most of all, the right to life.”

The Iranian president said in his speech: “In recent years, there has been a dominant voice repeating that the option of war is on the table. But let me say in response to this ineffective and illegitimate statement that peace is accessible.”

He then called on the UN to take the first step by putting the plan against violence and extremism on its agenda to lead all governments and international and civil bodies toward new efforts in this direction. “Instead of the ineffective option of coalition-led wars in various parts of the world, we must think about lasting peace all around the globe.”

The Iranian president stressed: “Despite all obstacles, I am highly optimistic about the future. With global solidarity against violence and extremism, I have no doubt that the future is bright. Moderation will make the future of the world shine.”
Radio Zamaneh