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Abdolghafour Ghalandari Nejad Released From Bandar Abbas’s Central Prison



Abdolghafour Ghalandari Nejad, Gonabadi Dervish and one of the collaborators of Majzooban Noor website, was released after spending nine days in detention.
According to Majzooban Noor website, Abdolghafour Ghalandari Nejad who was arrested on Saturday, 31 Farvardin 1392 ( April 20, 2013) after being interrogated in Bandar Abbas’s Intelligence office for 5 days and had been transferred to Bandar Abbas’s central prison was released at noon today with a warning of not to continue cooperation with Majzooban Noor website.
In the past few days, the prosecutor at the 3rd branch of Bandar Abbas’s Justice Administration (Mr. Bahrami Nejad) had verbally notified this Gonabadi Dervish of the charges against him, including: “Acting against national security”, “propagating against the regime”, “cooperating with Majzooban Noor Website” and “contact with foreign media” and also a bail of 100 million toman had been set for his release but this prisoner of conscience refused to post the bail and after 9 days he was released without bail.
Abdolghafour Ghalandari Nejad, Gonabadi Dervish, Dervish right activist and one of the collaborators of Majzooban Noor website , arrested at his own home in the city of Bandar Abbas on Saturday, 31 Farvardin 1392 ( April 20, 2013). Security forces and plain-clothes after several hours of searching his house, detained him and transferred to an undisclosed location. The agents also confiscated his personal items including a laptop, personal computer, mystical books and CDs and pictures of the great Sufis.
After his detention and due to unawareness of the conditions that, Abdolghafour Ghalandari Nejad was being kept in, the Gonabadi Dervishes residing in the city of Bandar Abbas, assembled in front of Hormozgan Province’s Intelligence office on Saturday and Sunday to demand for a visit and being informed of the situation of this Dervish. Finally, his family succeeded to have a short visit with him in Bandar Abbas’s central Prison on Sunday afternoon 1 Ordibehesht 1392 ( April 21, 2013). His family, described his physical and mental condition very well then.
It should be reminded that, once, Abdolghafour Ghalandari Nejad, had been arrested on 16 Mordad 1391 (Aug 6 , 2012). He was then taken to the Tehran’s Central Detention of the Ministry of Information by air plane, where he was released after 6 days of interrogation and imprisonment, with a warning of not to continue cooperation with Majzooban Noor website.