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The authorities refuse to release Mohammad Seyfzadeh



Although Mohammad Seyfzadeh has served the sentence of 2 years imprisonment, the authorities of the Rajai Shahr prison are refusing to release this imprisoned lawyer and are making a new case for him.

According to a report by the Kalameh website, although the 2 years imprisonment sentence of Mohammad Seyfzadeh, the lawyer and a member of the Human rights defenders center is finished last March, this human rights activist who suffers from several diseases is still kept in prison.

He has been sentenced to 6 years of prison for complaining and not taking part in the Revolutionary court, which is not definitive yet.

He didn’t recognize the revolutionary court because of the lack of independency and not keeping the due process which caused the irritation of the judiciary authorities and his exile to the Rajai Shahr prison.

Seyfzadeh suffers from Kidney, colitis, colon, liver and spine diseases and the lack of nutrient and health requirements in the Rajai Shahr prison has put him in a critical condition.

HRANA News Agency