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The Judge Has Prevented Reza Entesari’s Medical Treatment






The Judge ” Salavati” has prevented medical treatment for Gonabad dervish, Reza Entesari who is an activist defending the civil rights of Gonabad dervishes.

Last year, during an attack by the security forces on Majzooban Noor website office, Mr Reza Entesari’s left hand’s finger was injured and unfortunately he did not receive immediate proper treatment and even now he is still suffering from this injury and is unable to move his finger.

According to his close friends, he was transferred to hospital only several days after the incidence but he was discharged without proper treatment, that’s why they were forced to send him to hospital without delay but by that time his injury turned into a permanent disability!

According to his family reports, after many requests finally he was transferred to hospital but his physician told them that a year delay has reduced his chances of recovery drastically.

His Physio-tropic treatment also remained incomplete and ha was sent back to Evin prison by direct order from the Judge Salavati.

Entesari refused to take part in his trail on 29th of Aban renouncing the legality of the Court. It was due to this refuse that he was denied medical treatment and was returned to prison by the Judge.

Gonabadi Dervish, Reza Entesari is a Photo-journalist and a member of Majzooban Noor website ( Nematollahi Gonabadi Order News Site ) who has been working for various TV Channels inside and outside of Iran. After the events of 1388 he was black-listed at “Seda-Sima” (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting). After things got worse for Gonabad dervishes and they were openly persecuted, he (together with some of his co-thinkers at Majzooban Noor’s website) disregarding the news boycott imposed on Dervishes, decided to publish and propagate all the news concerning Gonabadi dervishes.

Their decision to defend Dervishes’s rights led to the above-mentioned attack by security forces and Entesari ‘s arrest and imprisonment at Evin prison.It is now 16 months that he and six other Gonabadi dervishes’s lawyers are held in ward 350 of Evin prison without any judgment or trail.