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Authorities promised to Meet Demands of Families of Dervish prisoners; Wife of Jailed Lawyer was unconscious During Protest Gathering

  Security officials have promised the families of Dervish prisoners and others who were present in front of Tehran Prosecutor’s office, that their demands will be met until tomorrow at 9 am. The families of Dervish prisoners along with detained Dervishes at police station No. 113 have responded that, if the authorities fail to fulfill […]

Wife and Mother of Illegally Exiled Political Prisoner Die in Car Crash After Prison Visit

  Tragic news about the deaths of wife and mother of an exiled political prisoner on their way back from visiting him in Masjed-e Soleyman Prison has shocked Iranians worldwide. Nahid Rahmani, mother, and Ziba Sadeghzadeh, wife, of Amir Reza (Payman) Arefi, were on their way back from their monthly trip to Masjed-e-Soleyman (500 miles […]

Ministry of Intelligence not allowing meeting between arrested journalist and wife

    The Ministry of Intelligence is preventing a couple, in which both partners are jailed, from meeting. Journalist Massoud Bastani was arrested in the post-election events and sentenced to six years in prison for propaganda against the regime, participating in a demonstration and disturbing the public order.

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