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A University Professor Banned from Lecturing by the Security Forces

  Zakaria Ghaderi, the professor of political science of Kerman Azad University, has been deprived of lecturing, by the pressure of the university security. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Dr. Zakaria Ghaderi says that the discussed subjects in his classes and his papers, are the reason of this decision. […]

A letter written by some of Gonabadi Dervishes to the Minister of Work and Social Welfare: “Security Forces Have Closed All the Routes to Prosperity and Empathy”

  A while ago, a crowd of dervishes gathered in Reza Welfare Centre (“Madad-kari-ye Reza” institute-“Reza Social Service institute) which was closed by the security forces. They issued a letter to the Minister of Work and Social Welfare, Ali Rabi’i, holding the manner in which the social workers were treated by intelligence agents responsible for the […]

Security Forces Threatened to Shut Down Reza Social Service Institute Again

  After Gonabadi Dervishes broke the seal at “Madad-kari-ye Reza” institute (“Reza Social Service” institute) which has been sealed off recently, security forces tried to get the film from there and during a telephone conversation with the director of this non-profit institute, Mr. Bonakdar, threatened to shut down there again.According to Majzoban Noor, after Gonabadi […]

Security Forces Prevent Sunni Friday Congregational Prayers

  Iranian security forces barred Sunni worshipers from entering a Sunni prayer site in Tehran on Friday 9 January 2015, preventing them from holding congregational Friday prayers. According to the report published by “Saham” Website, security forces were deployed Friday morning in the Pounak neighborhood of Tehran, where they blocked roads leading to the Sunni […]

The Families of Jailed Dervishes Visit Wounded in the Attack by Security Forces on Gonabadi Dervishes

  Following the bloody attack by security forces on Gonabadi Dervishes in the last days of Shahrivar/September who were planning to gather with closed eyes and hands in front of the prosecutor’s office, the families of nine jailed Dervishes have paid visit to the casualties of this attack and comforted them.According to Majzooban Noor, hundreds […]

The rate of violence of the security forces was not convictable/Four injured Dervishes have been transferred to the emergency ward of Sajjad hospital. /Pictures of injured.

  Having been transferred to the Sajjad Hospital,the four Dervishes who all were suffering from severe bleeding and had gone to coma, demonstrates only one of the unimaginable acts of violence by the police and plainclothes forces in suppressing the Dervishes.The formation of tunnel of baton and also landing the fatal hits on the head […]

Dervishes Were Beaten, Humiliated and Injured by Security Forces

  On Sunday September 21st, at 9.00am Gonabadi Dervishes gathered in front of the Prosecutor General’s office to rally in peace.After the announcement of Dervishes gathering on Sunday morning, the security forces closed the streets and Tehran’s Bazaar Metro’s exits in an effort to stop the crowd. The protestors were stopped from standing or sitting […]

Breaking News: Security Forces Arrested Dervishes to Turn off their Voice of Protest

Today 29th of Shahrivar 1393 ( September 20, 2014) security forces had a violent confrontation with peaceful Gonabadi Dervishes who had planned to gather in support of their jailed lawyers Dervishes in front of the Tehran Prosecutor’s office and arrested more than 170 Dervishes in the streets nearby as they are the signers of Campaign […]

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