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“Now comes the time to focus on human rights in Iran,” UN expert welcomes opportunity created by nuclear deal

  United Nations Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed today called on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the international community to seize the opportunity created by the agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme to address the human rights situation in the country. Mr. Shaheed congratulated all parties to the negotiation for reaching an agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme, and noted that the lifting of economic sanctions will have a beneficial multiplier effect on the […]

As Sanctions Are Relaxed, Western Businesses Look To Iran

  The easing of sanctions on Tehran that has just taken effect is sending Western companies rushing to seek new business opportunities in Iran. A group of senior French executives, including from the energy and automotive sectors, is heading to Tehran early next month. They follow a delegation of British lawmakers who visited this month. At the same time, Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization says business delegations from Italy, Austria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and many other […]

Tehran Says New U.S. Sanctions ‘Against Spirit’ Of Deal

  Iran’s deputy foreign minister says new U.S. measures targeting individuals and companies for supporting Tehran’s nuclear program are “against the spirit” of a deal reached in Geneva last month. Abbas Araghchi, who is on Iran’s negotiating team, said on December 13 that his government is evaluating the situation after the United States the previous day added more names to a blacklist under sanctions aimed at preventing Iran from obtaining the means to construct nuclear […]

New Sanctions Would Sabotage Nuclear Talks and Stymie Human Rights in Iran

  The United States Congress should not impose further sanctions on Iran while the negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 countries are ongoing as adopting new sanctions will seriously jeopardize all efforts to end Iran’s nuclear standoff and worsen their impact on ordinary Iranians, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said today. In a meeting with the US Senate Banking Committee on November 13, Senator Mark Kirk suggested including additional sanctions on Iran […]

Tough US sanctions on Iran hit Monday

  Sanctions on Iran by the U.S. signed into law in January, and implemented and expanded via executive order in early Junecome into effect on Monday. The sanctions affect a vast array of interests engaging the Iranian economy, just weeks after a presidential election in the Persian Gulf country. Senior Obama administration officials said earlier this month the expanded authority will capture a significantly larger number of potential people and companies. “These actions demonstrate that […]

Sanctions push Iran’s oil exports to lowest in decades

  Western sanctions drove Iran’s crude exports to the lowest in decades in May, according to industry sources and tanker-tracking data, even before Washington toughens measures aimed at squeezing oil sales further. Crude shipments dropped to 700,000 barrels per day (bpd) last month, the data from sources showed, about a third of Iran’s oil exports before the current round of sanctions. U.S. and European sanctions aimed at pressuring Tehran over its suspected pursuit of nuclear […]

US targets Iran with currency, auto-sector sanctions

  The United States on Monday ratcheted up its efforts to isolate Iran for its suspected nuclear weapons program, targeting Tehran with currency and auto-sector sanctions. President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on foreign financial institutions that conduct or facilitate significant transactions in the Iranian rial, meant to further weaken a currency that has already lost two-thirds of its dollar value since late 2011 as a result of Western sanctions. A senior administration official said the […]

Iranian Activists Welcome U.S. Lifting Of Sanctions On Communications Tools

  The lifting of U.S. sanctions on the export to Iran of communication tools has been welcomed by activists and groups who had pushed for such a move and argued that the sanctions end up hurting ordinary Iranians, not the regime. On May 30, the U.S. Treasury and the State Department said they were removing sanctions on sales of such devices in order to enhance the ability of the Iranian people to access communication technology […]

Sanctions and Regime Policies Cause Growing Crisis in Iran

  New Study Exposes Deterioration of Economic and Social Rights (April 29, 2013) The international community should target sanctions more effectively to impose costs on the Iranian government and not its citizens, and the Iranian government should end its policies that worsen the crisis in access to medicines, foods, and other essential imports, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said today. According to a new study the Campaign released today, international sanctions and […]

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