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After Sealing “Reza Social Service Institute” in Tehran , the Governor of City Shahriar Threatens to Destroy Nursing Home of Gonabadi Dervishes

In addition to declaring the prevention of using this nursing home affiliated to the Social Service institute of Gonabadi Dervishes by Shahriar governor , he has threatened to destroy it which is now under construction .According to a report by Majzooban Noor, the minatory message of Shahriar governor has been declared while some men in […]

A letter written by some of Gonabadi Dervishes to the Minister of Work and Social Welfare: “Security Forces Have Closed All the Routes to Prosperity and Empathy”

  A while ago, a crowd of dervishes gathered in Reza Welfare Centre (“Madad-kari-ye Reza” institute-“Reza Social Service institute) which was closed by the security forces. They issued a letter to the Minister of Work and Social Welfare, Ali Rabi’i, holding the manner in which the social workers were treated by intelligence agents responsible for the […]

Security Forces Threatened to Shut Down Reza Social Service Institute Again

  After Gonabadi Dervishes broke the seal at “Madad-kari-ye Reza” institute (“Reza Social Service” institute) which has been sealed off recently, security forces tried to get the film from there and during a telephone conversation with the director of this non-profit institute, Mr. Bonakdar, threatened to shut down there again.According to Majzoban Noor, after Gonabadi […]

Dervishes in Reza Social Service institute End Sit-in Protest by Breaking the seal; If the Minister does not Respond, We Will Continue to Protest

  Gonabadi Dervishes who were staging a sit-in at “Madad-kari-ye Reza” institute (“Reza Social Service” institute) in protest against illegal closure of this aid center by security forces, broke the seal this morning, Sunday, 13 Ordibehesht ( 3, May).According to Majzooban Noor, the dervishes by writing a short letter, have announced that their act has […]