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THE SPIRITUAL COUPLETSOFMAULANA JALALU-‘D-DlN MUHAMMAD RUMI Book I.STORY VIII. The Harper In the time of the Khalifa ‘Omar there lived a harper, whose voice was as sweet as that of the angel Israfil, and who was in great request at all feasts. But he grew old, and his voice broke, and no one would employ […]

Gulestan Of Saadi : CHAPTER I – The Manners Of Kings ( Story 13-14-15 )

Persian Language & Literature “Gulestan” Saadi Shirazi, Sheikh Mosleh al-Din CHAPTER I – THE MANNERS OF KINGS Story 13 I heard a king, who had changed night into day by pleasures, saying in his drunkenness: ‘We have in the world no moment more delightful than this, Because I care neither for good nor for bad […]

Attar: Muslim Saints and Mystics (Tazkarotol-Oulia) Part 7: Beshr ibn al-Hareth

Beshr ibn al-Harethby Farid al-Din Attar Abu Nasr Beshr ibn al-Hareth al-Hafi was bornnear Merv c. 150(767) and was converted from alife of dissipation, studied Traditions in Baghdad,then abandoned formal learning for the life of amendicant, destitute, starving and barefoot. Hedied in Baghdad in 227 (841). He was admired byAhmad ibn Hanbal and respected by […]

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