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MPs Move to Permanently Ban Journalists Connected to Shuttered Publications

  A few days after the Iranian Judiciary ordered the reformist Mardom-e Emrooz newspaper banned, ultra conservative members of the Iranian Parliament are working on legislation to permanently ban journalists who have worked for reformist publications that were shut down by the authorities. The measure is meant to ensure that such journalists will not resurface […]

President Hassan Rouhani denies the imprisonment of journalists in Iran

  This week has been eventful in Iran. With all that has been going on in the tormented realms of written and spoken word, came further indication that the diminishing right to free expression will not be seeing better days. In an interview with CNN’s Christian Amanpour, President Hassan Rouhani gave a short and bizarre […]

If No Journalists Jailed in Iran, Why Did You Promise Their Release?

  The Iranian president’s short but strange answer to Christian Amanpour’s question has unleashed a wave of criticism against him. One of Rouhani’s main slogans during his presidential campaign was the release of journalists and political prisoner. Only a year after coming to power, however, Rouhani told CNN that he “does not believe that an […]

Press freedom violations recounted in real time January 2014 y

  21.08.2014 – Two women journalists released provisionally Two women journalists were released provisionally yesterday. One is a freelance photographer with US and Iranian dual nationality who works for several media including the Washington Post, which has confirmed her release. Her family does not want her named. She was arrested on 22 July at the […]

Free or Charge Journalists

  Renewed Crackdown with Four New Arrests Iranian authorities should immediately ensure the release of three journalists and a fourth person arrested in recent days, including the Tehran correspondent for The Washington Post, unless they plan to bring recognizable criminal charges against them and guarantee them fair trials. The arrests are the latest in a […]

New Wave of Arrests and Prison Sentences Against Journalists

  The prominent journalist Marzieh Rasouli was summoned to Evin Prison on July 8, 2014, for the implementation of her sentence of 50 lashes and two years’ imprisonment, she announced on Twitter, even though Rasouli has not yet received confirmation of the initial sentence from the appeals court. “They quickly want to implement the sentence,” […]

Filling Prisons with Journalists

  The last two days witnessed a new round of court summons and arrests of media and civil activists in Iran. Mashaollah Shamsolvaezin (a prominent journalist and member of Association of Iranian Journalists) was summoned and banned from leaving the country, Reyhane Tabatabai (another journalist and former reporter for pro-reformist Shargh newspaper) was arrested and […]

Support for European resolution, call for release of 52 journalists

  Reporters Without Borders hails last week’s European Parliament resolution on European Union strategy towards Iran. For the first time, the European Parliament has displayed a clear desire to take human rights into account in the EU’s relations with Iran. Adopted on 3 April, the resolution “calls on Iran to cooperate with international human rights bodies […]

Inhuman treatment of journalists, more efforts to cover up Beheshti case

  Reporters Without Borders reiterates its deep concern about the conditions in which many Iranian journalists are being held. Mehdi Karoubi, 76, a dissident theologian, former parliamentary speaker and owner of the closed newspaper Etemad Melli, was transferred to an unknown destination on 31 July after an angioplasty operation in a Tehran hospital. It was […]

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