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Electoral Campaigns, Interesting, Dicey and Unfair

  Are journalists and official media allowed to work for presidential election campaigns? Is it an internationally accepted trend before elections or is it just an Iranian trend? asked a number of journalists about their opinion on this subject. Simultaneous Campaign and Media News? In less than a month to the election, presidential candidates […]

Censorship, Self-Censorship, Crossing Redlines and Fearing Tomorrow

  On the eve of the presidential election in Iran, media is struggling find out where it is standing, under a security observation or temporary open atmosphere? Can journalists cover criticisms against the government or should they still consider the truth about the ruling party a crime? Journalists Worry about Arrest A journalist, who writes […]

As election nears, Iran’s journalists are in chains

  Special Reports Iran continues to jail dozens of journalists, stifling critical news coverage and commentary. Crucial links to the international community have been cut off as the June presidential vote approaches. A CPJ special report by Sherif Mansour.Published May 8, 2013 Journalists Imprisoned in Iran, December 2000-April 2013Unless otherwise noted, all figures are from […]

Ten ways to repress a journalist

  Governments and other organizations across the world are perfecting techniques to prevent journalists from shining a light on corruption and human rights abuses. From trumped-up charges, removing work licences to murder, here are 10 ways journalists are repressed and prevented from reporting freely and fairly. Physical attacksIn some countries such as Syria, Turkmenistan and […]

No Furlough, Phone Calls, or Visitations for Imprisoned Journalist

  Three years into his detention, imprisoned journalist Siamak Ghaderi has not been granted a single day of furlough, and he does not have permission to visit with his family, his wife told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. As a prisoner of conscience, he is also denied access to a telephone, she […]

Presidential election to put regime’s claims to the test, says Tajzadeh

  The coming weeks will determine whether Iran’s ruling elite, including its leader, are committed to defending the people’s right to shape their own destiny, says a top reformist figure currently behind bars. In his most recent piece, which was published by the Norooz website, Mostafa Tajzadeh, a prominent pro-reform figure in the country, discussed […]

Interview with Abdolreza Tajik, journalist: Coverage of disaster news in Iran is emotional

          Iranian journalist Abdolreza Tajik is based in France. He is a winner of the Reporters without Borders’s 2010 press freedom award. He agreed with an interview with to elaborate how news coverage of disasters like hunger strikes, executions, death and legal sentences.

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