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Iranians Celebrate Chahar-Shanbeh Soori, Festival of Fire

  Sorkhie to az man, Zardieh man az to, literally means your redness (health) is mine, my paleness (pain) is yours. This phrase is whispered in Chaharshanbeh Soori, ancient purification ritual, while people jump over the fire.Châhârshanbe Suri is a fire jumping festival celebrated by Persian people around the world. The event takes place on […]

Iranians Take To Social Media To Challenge Media Ban On Ex-President Khatami

  Some Iranians are protesting against a state media ban on former President Mohammad Khatami by posting his pictures on social media under the hashtag “We will be Khatami’s media” (in Persian: #رسانه_خاتمی_میشویم) The ban was formally announced earlier this week by judiciary spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejei who said that, according to a judicial order, […]

Government to assign email addresses to all Iranians

  Iran is to assign all citizens an individual email address which the communications minister said on Monday would aid interaction between state authorities and the people. It was unclear whether the move would add to regulations on Internet use imposed by a conservative Islamist leadership wary of secular cultural influences it blames on the […]

Iranians Mark Sizdah Bedar, Final Day of Nowruz

  Sizdah-bedar is an Iranian festival tradition, celebrated in the thirteenth day of the Nowruz (Persian New Year). Iranians have a tradition of spending the day outdoors on the 13th day of month Farvardin. ”Sizdah-” means thirteen, and ”-bedar”, means to get rid of, i.e “getting rid of thirteen”. From the ancient times, Iranian peoples […]

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