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A New Round of Intimidation, Arrests, and Prosecution of Social Media Users in Iran

  Iranian Cyber Police and Judiciary officials reported a new wave of arrests of Internet users this week. Colonel Gholamreza Kazemzadeh, Chief of Iran’s Cyber Police, told reporters on June 8 that an individual he claimed managed 23 groups on the WhatsApp and Line social media networks had been arrested. “The Cyber Police in Shahroud […]

Time for intimidation

  Raids in houses of persons involved with human rights in Iran direct suspicions towards an action orchastrated by the regime in Iran.When Nasrin Sotoudehs family returned from a familial funeral on Friday, 27th of December 2013 they found the door to their apartment broken, lockers and closets dumped any anything of value disappeared. Reza […]

Threats and Intimidation: Judiciary and Intelligence Solutions to Break Dervishes’s Hunger Strike

  A few hours ago, when the Dervishes gathered in front of Adel Abad prison, security forces by threats and putting pressure on two striker Dervishes, forced them to eat some bread and took video reports of them!According to Majzooban Noor, this Morning: Farvardin 6 1392 (March 26 2013), on the sixth day of two […]

Abdol-Karim Lahidji: Judiciary’s Intimidation Tactics and Disproportionate Punishments Marks Its Failure to Deliver Public Justice

              Following the announcement of death sentences for two men who were charged with violating public security through “robbery,” prominent lawyer and Vice President of the International Federation of Human Rights (IFHR) Abdol-Karim Lahidji told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that the main focus of the […]

Member of Mourning Mothers Iran suffers under intimidation and added prison time

    Iran based human rights defender Ms. Mansoureh Behkish, who is well known in the region for her work in fighting against the death penalty as well as being one of the head organizers for the Mourning Mothers, known also as the Mothers of Laleh Park, has now been sentenced on her latest appeal […]