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A Letter by Bahareh Hedayat from Evin in Response to the Recent Attack on Ward 350

In response to the recent attack by Iranian authorities on Evin Prison’s Ward 350, Bahareh Hedayat has written a letter from the women’s ward of this prison. The original content of the letter was published on the Kaleme website and translated to English by us. Hedayat is a university student leader and women’s rights activist. […]

Dire Physical Condition of Mostafa Daneshjou in Ward 350 of Evin Prison

  Imprisoned Gonabadi Dervish in Ward 350 of Evin prison, Mostafa Daneshjou is currently deprived of medical care and in dire physical condition.According to a report by Kaleme website, health condition of jailed Gonabadi Dervish lawyer, Mostafa Daneshjou who has been sentenced to seven years and six months jail term and is suffering from acute […]

Justice-Security Officials Obstruct Prisoners’ Access to Medical Health Care/ Hamidreza Moradi deprived of urgent medical treatment

  On Saturday morning, Aban 11, 1392 ( Nov 2, 2013) Gonabadi Dervish, Hamid-Reza Moradi Sarvestani, imprisoned in ward 350 of Evin Prison was again deliberately prevented from being transferred to the hospital outside of prison.According to Majzooban Noor, Evin prison security guards forced Mr.Moradi to wear a prison uniform, use handcuffs and foot-cuffs and […]

Greens Movement Activist Mohsen Rahmani Under Sever Physical and Psychological Torture At Evin

  Mohsen Rahmani, an IT student who had raised a poster of the detained Green leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi, at a presidential campaign rally for Hassan Rouhani, is under severe physical and psychological pressure at Evin Ward 209. This civil rights and Green Movement activist was arrested along with a number of other Rouhani presidential […]

Death Anniversary of Mr. Hajj Ali Tabandeh “Mahboub Alishah” in Evin and AdelAbad Prison

  Death anniversary of Mr. Hajj Ali Tabandeh “Mahboub Alishah” was held in Tehran Evin and Shiraz Adel Abad Prison by jailed Dervishes on 23 Tir 92 ( July 14, 2013). According to Majzooban Noor, the imprisoned Gonabadi Dervish lawyers and administrators of Majzooban Noor website ( Nematollahi Gonabadi Order News Site ), held a […]

Judiciary Official to Imprisoned HR Activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki: You Will Eventually Die In Prison

  A Judiciary official, answering Hossein Ronaghi Maleki making a complaint about the authorities neglecting his and other political prisoners’ situation, responded: “You will eventually die in prison, and after a few weeks of the media noise, everything will become quite.” The Kaleme website describes a short meeting that the incarcerated human rights activist, Hossein […]

Acknowledge Sattar Died In the Hands of His Interrogator, Demands Beheshti Lawyer

  The lawyer for Sattar Beheshti, a blogger who died in November 2012 while in the custody of the Iranian Cyber Police (FATA), said her client’s case has not been forwarded to court and objected to the eight-month delay in an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. “The Investigative Judge does […]

Letter from 47 Political Prisoners to Rouhani and the Iranian People

  On Monday, June 17, 2013, forty-seven political prisoners from Evin and Rajaee Shahr prisons presented a letter of congratulation to President-Elect Hassan Rouhani and the people of Iran following the June 14 elections. The signatories of the letter, who at the time of signing were all serving prison terms in connection with the post-election […]

Jailed Dervish Lawyer, Mostafa Daneshjou’s Life at Serious Risk in Evin Prison/ Being Denied Medical Treatment by Judge Salavati

  Imprisoned Gonabadi Dervish lawyer, Mostafa Daneshjou was taken to Evin prison infirmary Sunday night (Tir 2/ Jun 23) as a result of acute exacerbation of his respiratory illness and asthma and was being under medical care in the emergency room till midnight. Despite deteriorating of Mostafa Daneshjou’s physical condition and the emphasis of prison […]

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