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A letter by a number of Gonabadi Dervishes in Australia to the UN and other human rights organizations

  We, Gonabadi Dervishes, are proud of following a Sufi order which has made us unable to disturb and suppress others and opened our eyes to the reality that all creatures are manifestations of divinity. Therefore, we are at peace with all of them and love them as they are all created by beloved God. […]

A Letter From Gonabadi Dervishes Resident in Australia to Saleh Moradi and Kasra Nouri

  A group of Gonabadi Dervishes, resident in Australia, has issued an open letter requesting Saleh Moradi and Kasra Nouri, to persuade them to protect their health and also to end their hunger strike.A number of Gonabadi Dervishes living in Australia, by sending a letter to Majzooban Noor website( Nematollahi Gonabadi Order News Site) which […]