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Four Gonabadi Dervishes on Hunger Strike in Evin Prison

Kasra Nuri, Mohammad Sharifi Moghadam, Mohammad Reza Darvishi and Faezeh Abdipour, who had been arrested yesterday in a fearsome atmosphere at the Dey Hospital, announced their hunger strike at the very beginning of their arrest. These dervishes, who are activists of dervishes, university students and children, were arrested and detained by the security forces pugnaciously and violently yesterday when they were visiting Mr. Hamidreza Nouri one of the directors of the Website of Majzooban Noor, […]

One Released, Four still in Detention

Majzooban Nour reported that a couple hours ago, Zafar Moghimi, one of the five detained dervishes, was released last night and four other dervishes are still in detention. According to the report, the five were arrested by the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence which had been named in the early news of the report as the agents of the Sarallah headquarter (revolutionary Guard). After being arrested, they were first transferred to the follow-up office […]

Sufism in India (Part Three)

Sufi Culture Syncretic Mysticism Islam was not the only religion in India contributing the mystical aspects of Sufism. The Bhakti movement also gained respect due mysticism popularity spreading through India. The Bhakti movement was a regional revival of Hinduism linking language, geography, and cultural identities through devotional deity worship.[59] This concept of “Bhakti” appeared in the Bhagavad Gita and the first sects emerged from south India between the 7th and 10th century.[59] The practices and […]

Could Sufi Islam be the cure-all?

Source: Islamic scholars and researchers agree that Sufism has the potential to cure those whose minds have been perverted by terrorism. Famous Sufis of previous generations include Rumi, Omar Khayyam, Fariduddin Attar – whose stories were later used by Chaucer – and the Spaniard Averroes, the ″great commentator″ on Aristotle. Many of their ideas passed to Europe through contact between the Islamic and Christian worlds in the crusader states, Norman Sicily and the Iberian Peninsula. […]

Sufism in India (Part Two)

Sufi Tariqahs Madariyya The Madariyya are members of a Sufi order (tariqa) popular in North India, especially in Uttar Pradesh, the Mewat region, Bihar and Bengal, as well as in Nepal and Bangladesh. Known for its syncretic aspects, lack of emphasis on external religious practice and focus on internal dhikr, it was initiated by the Sufi saint ‘Sayed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar’ (d. 1434 CE), called “Qutb-ul-Madar”, and is centered on his shrine (dargah) at […]

Arabisation has pushed South Asian Muslims away from Sufi heritage

LAHORE: The promotion of Saudi religious ideology and the Arabisation of Sub-Continental Islam is pushing Muslims away from the diversity and peaceful co-existence enshrined in their Sufi heritage, Sciences Po professor Christopher Jafferlot said on Sunday. He was speaking at a panel during the concluding day of the Heritage Now festival. He said the Sufi heritage of Pakistan has remained under threat because of Arabisation which gained momentum during General Zia-ul-Haq’s dictatorship. The historian said […]

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