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Critical Condition of Hamid Reza Moradi and Other Jailed Gonabadi Dervishes in Evin Prison



Mrs. Khalili, the wife of Hamid Reza Moradi , one of the seven jailed Gonabadi Dervish lawyers, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, “The health situation of my husband and other imprisoned lawyers are deteriorating and now suffer from a many ailments. They are being held in the basement cells of the Section 209 of Evin prison without access to fresh air and day light. The authorities in response to every request we have had, only asked us not to do interviews with the media.”
Mrs. Sedigheh Khalili , by referring to the last visit with her husband on Thursday 22 Farvardin (April 11, 2013) told the Campaign, “When Hamid Reza Picked up the phone to talk, I noticed that his hand was swollen and his index finger has gone black as the rest of Dervishes were not feeling well at all. My husband said that they have not had access to fresh air and day light for 3 months. They are blindfolded when taken to visiting room and with the constant presence of two or three agents in the cabin who watch over us during our visit. Their cell (small room) are too dark and currently their skin color have turned yellow there.
The conditions in this such confined space that are extremely hazardous, cause severe physical and psychological stresses which can affect their health. All of these 7 Dervishes are now suffering from a severe skin disease and they are getting swelling in the whole body including their hands, feet, legs and face. Each of them are also suffering from various diseases. unfortunately, they were mistreated, beaten and insulted at the time of transfer to Ward 209, then they were not treated humanely. Half of husband’s teeth has broken off and his spine has been quite badly damaged. The prison authorities just take him to prison infirmary where there are no medical facilities but only to give him pain relief.”
Mrs. Moradi also said : ” So far we have not received a definite reply from the authorities. In this period, We have repeatedly written letters to the authorities and we contacted them. We have even sent a letter to Supreme Leader, But neither did answer our letters nor would listen to our words. They just ask us not to do interviews with the media but when they do not listen to us, we will have to interview. If we are being interviewed, they would say: why did you talk?
Yesterday I could talk to the head of section 209, he told me to go talk with Judge Salavati because the power is in hands of judge Salavati, but unfortunately he does not give us permission to enter his room. Our lawyers who could once go to him, Judge Salavati had told them that is not in my hands and this matter is related to the determination of the Ministry of Intelligence but when the lawyers went to the information office, they were told that this issue is related to Judge Salavati! In other words, none of the Iranian judicial authorities are accountable and they send us uselessly to this side and that side!”
Mrs. Moradi pointed out that her husband is deprived of the legal rights such as the right of having pen and paper and prisoner telephone calls.
She added that: “For what crime they have kept him in section 209 with no verdict ? More than 19 months have passed since the arrest they should not be expected too of him but he has not yet received a definitive sentence till now. His only crime was that refused to participate in the court which was considered an unfair trial by him. They are lawyers and are aware of their legal rights so they should not be expected to participate in any court.”
She continued:” My husband has been arrested for setting up Majzooban Noor news website in order to make people aware of the events that are happening for dervishes. They have been charged with false accusations that are not true. Hamid Reza denies all of the charges but he accepts that, he has worked at the Majzooban Noor website to defend the rights to dervishes but he has not done anything illegal. After the Gonabadi Dervishes’ worship-places (Hosseiniyeh) were destroyed and other events was happened for Dervishes, my husband along with other lawyers set up a news website in order to report all news and events that are happening for Dervishes.
All Iranians are against the destruction of the places of worship but the officials say Dervishes’ worship-places are the center of corruption! Whether remembrance of Allah, reciting the holy Quran and reading Rumi and Hafez’s poetry are perversion of religion? If these are deviations, then they must destroy all of coutry because all people are seeking God and the Quran. How can these activities will end up going to jail??”